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Rejected motions offer new possibilities in MRB exemption issues

By: Erik van Putten

It didn't come as a surprise. The Lower House recently rejected two motions by Farshad Bashir. These motions included a relaxed transitional arrangement for "the old car". Farshad Bashir was disappointed that the motions coincided with the headache-causing Bulgarian file. The Hague - and with it State Secretary Weekers - did have something else in mind.

LPG extension
The rejection of the motions caused creative reactions. For example, I read that certain classic car owners are already seriously considering "to get the gas tank out of the classic car". In that case, a cheap car is purchased for the winter months. And - for example - the Volvo will drive around the roads for nine months at a reduced MRB rate. The old-timer owner can better leave the gas tank. Because the rejected motions - I thought in an unguarded moment - opened up a lot of perspective. And certainly for campaigners Wouter van Embden and Hans Hortwitz.
They decided to stand up for all the owners of 'the old car'. They published the website Through that medium, among other things, people seek support to respect the old rule instead of following the 'sooty and smoky MRB agreement'. Anyone who thinks that both men are fighting for a lost cause may be mistaken.

Previously done trick
Because Wouter van Embden and Hans Horwitz already campaigned for a long time in 2009. The protégés of that time were the owners of young timers between fifteen and twenty-five years old. At that time (also completely suddenly) a change in the law was passed, whereby the addition for the private use of business young timers was increased by hundreds of euros. So there was an impressive and convincing battle and lobbying. The result was that after 9 months of campaigning, the law change was almost completely over.

Less obstacle
The House of Representatives is supporting because of the rejected motions. By rejecting the sympathetic action of SP MP Bashir, they removed an obstacle. If the motions were adopted, Van Embden and Horwitz would have had a problem with it. The accepted motions had just scattered sand in the engine. The House of Representatives then called Bashir's motions "a last hand". We no longer have to worry about that discussion, because there is one less obstacle.

Attack plan
And so Van Embden and Horwitz now have every freedom to sharpen the knives. Because the rejected motions now offer The Hague the perfect opportunity to do a branch investigation. Including a thorough calculation. Missed excise duties, VAT, sales tax and avoided benefits are then important principles. The outcome of that investigation is likely to lead to the only correct conclusion. And that means that the austerity amount mentioned in October 2002 will only be realized if the current scheme is fully maintained.

In view of the earlier results of the founders of I have every confidence in a happy ending. And if politicians in The Hague now use the calculator correctly, it cannot be otherwise that the old rules will be maintained. And therefore a whole industry.

Then the actions of Bashir still have effect. Be it in a different way than the member of parliament of the SP intended in advance.

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