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Tax exemption for vehicles of 30 years and older

A few years will pass, but one day this young timer will also be tax-free again

Of ours AMYoung timer editors: Last week it was Van Vliet amendment which the tax exemption again depends on the age of the vehicle instead of the year of manufacture. The road tax exemption has been repaired on January 1, but the age limit has been extended to thirty years.

Owners of thirty year old cars can breathe relieved again. Also all cars from after 1987 will - in time - become tax-free again. That is good news, because that is how politicians make do with the crazy price increase of - mainly German - cars with years of construction 1985 en 1986 compared to slightly younger counterparts.

The 30-year border is nicely in line with our neighboring countries. It is now clear that the limit to thirty years will be introduced in phases. The transitional arrangement is as follows - in a nutshell - as follows:

year of construction 1986 and older: these cars continue to enjoy full exemption from road tax

year of construction 1987: exemption from road tax from 1 January 2013

year of construction 1988: exemption from road tax from 1 January 2015

year of construction 1989: exemption from road tax from 1 January 2017

year of construction 1990: exemption from road tax from 1 January 2019

year of construction 1991 and later: exemption from road tax from 1 January 2021 and beyond

Example: a Mercedes-Benz 300 SE with a construction year 3 in March 1987 therefore benefits from a road tax exemption from 3 in March 2013.

Different from the group of cars from 1986 and older is that cars after 1986 will no longer benefit from a fuel surcharge exemption. You will therefore have to pay the surcharge for LPG and diesel.

On January 1, 2021, this transitional arrangement automatically loses its effect, because then the 30-year limit will simply count.

A few years will pass, but one day this young timer will also be tax-free again

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