Extinct: the two-door sedan

Sedan or coupe?
In the seventies and eighties a common body shape: the two-door sedan. Nowadays this car is extinct. How could that be?

If you had children, you ordered the four-door variant of your Ford Escort or Opel Kadett. If you didn't have one, just two doors would suffice. The two-door sedan had breeding ground, therefore. Then why is it that we can no longer order one? Really no car brand still produces a two-door variant of any model. Yes, the Porsche 911, but let's leave that outside category out of consideration. It's not a sedan by the way.

A BMW E30 or an Escort Mark II, a Kadett C or even a Volkswagen Jetta: you always had a choice of two or four doors. Is it that terrible diversity of designs and models that has killed the two-door sedan? Or is it just a matter of advancing safety standards? The fact is that I scrutinize that scarce still-driving Kadett C sedan. A two-door sedan HAD something. God have his soul.


Chris de Raaf.


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