Extra light. Discrete. And for little!

Classics and additional lighting.

Of course fat Cibies and Hellas are very cool and bold. But they are simply not on most classics.

While a little extra light can be so twisted and handy.

From other pursuits we came into contact with someone who is involved in what they call 'B2B' trade in the States. ' Business to business'. Not for private individuals. Not to us…

A whole new world opened up for us, especially when Eugene showed his fog lights and bright lights.

That is the kind of lighting that is used in modern cars and mounted on tough all-road engines. Small and powerful. Easy and unobtrusive to assemble. Extra light without disturbing the looks of your classic car. Safe.

To make a long story short: AMK readers can order these lamps. For only 5 euros per lamp.

Then something else is added.

But the whole story looks like this:

They are waterproof in accordance with IP44, 12V - 55W. With lamp. € 5,00 per item, brackets € 3.00 per item, excluding € 8.50 shipping costs.

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