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Not only the Jaguar XKE could enjoy a 'stick number plate'
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If we are talking about the Michelotti signed Triumph Stag, it's nice to know that body builder Tickford - part of Edelkoetsenfabrikant Aston Martin - converted one Stag in 1982 into something special and particularly beautiful. Styling features of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and equipped with a pump pumped up to 200 Triumph 3 liter V8 engine. Ferguson Formula, a four-wheel drive company converting just three Stags into 4x4s. These were (and are) recognizable by a bump on the hood because the engine had to be placed almost two and a half centimeters higher in the body. Of those three Stags, two still seem to exist… Over the past few months we have been talking about the Morris Marina had. The first 'representative car' built by British Leyland. Before the introduction of this car, people did not even agree on the name of the infant at a high level. Type designations such as Machete, Musketeer, Maori and Mamba circulated through the boardrooms, the drawing department, the corridors. Shortly before the introduction to 1971 they were out: Marina. Why? 'Marina' refers to a marina ... The development of the Fiat 127 already started in 1968. Pio Manzoni signed the cart. The small thing experienced its introduction to 1971 to be named Car of the Year in 1972. In 1977 and 1981 some changes to the cart followed. The last one rolled off the band in 1987. At least in Europe. In South America the 127 was still available up to 1995. A total of 5,2 million copies were built. The Audi Quattro is an icon. However, the light for this version was only turned green in 1978 by the management, less than two years before the official introduction ... A license plate on the front of the Jaguar XKE not only disrupts the design, but also the streamline. That is why in the very early years of this noble predator cat stuck a self-adhesive number plate on the car. A sticker, black background and white - possibly in 'silver' - numbers / letters. That was allowed in Britain. At least, that was blindly admitted there by Uncle Agent. Even now and not only with the XKE. In the Netherlands, such a 'stick number plate' will immediately appear on a hefty ticket of at least 150 euros.

Not only the Jaguar XKE could enjoy a 'stick number plate'
Not only the Jaguar XKE could enjoy a 'stick number plate'

In 1953 was the 'new' Ford Anglia 100E with only one windscreen wiper and one sun visor in the spotlight ... You couldn't think of anything like that anymore ... The competitor Standard Triumph came with the Standard 8 on the market. It is almost unbelievable, the happy owner at the wheel drove out of the showroom without hubcaps… However, they could be ordered as 'extra'. Was in the price list as an 'accessory' ... Incidentally just like one or two exterior mirrors, the stove, the ashtray, the radio (with antenna). The Standard 8 soon grew to the Standard 10 to eventually end its career as Standard Pennant. The curtain fell in 1960. The successor introduced in 1959 was called Triumph Herald and was equipped with the same engine, gearbox and brakes ... and still a 'loose' chassis. Can now be 'body off'be restored.

The Standard Pennant was in fact nothing more than a design 'brightened up' Standard 10. With 'wings' on the back. That was then 'fashion'
The Standard Pennant was in fact nothing more than a design 'brightened up' Standard 10. With 'wings' on the back. That was then 'fashion'

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