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The Zapp family, Graham Paige and the world as home base

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We return to the third edition of CLASSICSNL. In addition to numerous beautiful classics and related matters, there was another attraction that the public couldn't stop talking about: the presence of Candelaria and Herman Zapp, who have been traveling around the world for seventeen years with a Graham Paige Model 610 from 1928. They covered over 350.000 kilometers, visited more than 80 countries on all inhabited continents, and gave birth to four children along the way.

Candelaria and Herman have known each other from early childhood, became each other's best friends and later fell in love with each other. It was the basis of an unlikely story. "Spark your dream" is the name of the adventure that started on 25 in January 2000 and was initially set aside for six months. The Zapp couple decided, after six months had passed and Alaska had been reached, to extend the trip indefinitely. The Argentines have now traveled all over the world. In Leeuwarden, Candelaria and Herman Zapp were also prepared to give an insight into the adventures and practical matters.

Lots of help worldwide, also in difficult situations

“We are now known all over the world and wherever we go: people everywhere want to receive us. We are offered sleeping places, food, medical care and to make the car run even more, mechanics and parts suppliers are at our service everywhere to keep the Graham Paige in operation. People like to help us, because they want to be part of our dream. In addition, we are often protected in dangerous areas, such as on the Turkish-Syrian border. And speaking of danger: for example, the adventure received extra weight for us if we are faced with an elephant boy and the mother. These are also exciting moments.

A pleasant surprise from Cats Old Car Factory

Believe it or not: the moment Candelaria Zapp talks to us about the helpfulness of the world citizen, the Cats family of Cats Old Car Factory provides a pleasant interruption to the interview. They have an engine from a Graham Paige in the buildings. The power source is - to the delight of Candelaria and Herman - donated by Cats. An extremely sympathetic gesture, which extends the life of the Graham Paige indefinitely.

Mazda chain, Toyota parts

Herman Zapp tells us that a fresh engine is not a superfluous luxury. “The power source is a colorful mix at the moment. An example? The chain is from a Mazda, and Toyota parts have also been installed. It all works, but the question is: how long? "The fact is that the Graham Paige will never leave the family. "We bought him by feeling in 1999 and he has become a part of our lives," say Herman and Candelaria, who provided the American from 1928 with a rooftop tent, a travel suitcase, sufficient seating space and numerous references to the stopping places that were available for seventeen years. adventure.

The best education in the world

The Graham is also the basis for the education that the children receive from Candelaria Zapp. “All over the world, interested people ask us how we do that. We have contact with educational institutions in Argentina, and we teach the children ourselves with material that we receive digitally. Every two months the children have to take an aptitude test, "says the lady of the house, Candelaria Zapp. Herman and traveling companion add. “Our children receive education all over the world, get to know a lot of cultures, customs, boyfriends and girlfriends and come to many countries. It is the most beautiful form of education that we can give our children. "

"Every world citizen contributes to our dream"

The Zapp family not only realizes the adventure through the help of others. Candelaria and Herman Zapp also wrote a book about the special expedition. Spark your dream has now appeared in multiple editions and, in addition to in-kind assistance and donations, is the most important source of income for the family, which is working well on its fame. She benefits greatly from modern (digital) forms of communication, uses them in a smart way, and thus promotes the special exhibition in an appealing way. “We do this to keep our income up to date and to let interested parties participate in the trip. Every world citizen we meet helps build our dream ”, says Candelaria Zapp, who also met the Pope and Barcelona star player Lionel Messi with her family.

"Argentina is our base, the world is our home"

The trip around the world may be in its final phase. “We are still going to Belgium (where the family will open Interclassics Brussels on 17 November, among other things) and via Switzerland to Southern Europe. We then cross over to Morocco and the Canary Islands and from there we will travel to South America. Via Suriname we will return to Argentina and we will build a next phase in our lives. So back to our roots, but that can also be a starting point for a new chapter. Because the world is our home, "Candelaria Zapp concludes the pleasant conversation.

These fascinating people also share their fantastic adventure through their own website:

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