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The FEHAC is committed to protecting all vehicles of 30 years and older. The classic club has announced this through several channels. With this principle, the FEHAC wants to remove the ambiguities within the Heritage Act. Got in there certain vehicles of 30 year and older from July last year a protected status. "The lack of clarity about heritage must be removed."

According to FEHAC chairman Bert de Boer, there is now much uncertainty about which vehicles do and do not fall under the protective rules. The provision adopted last year stated that vehicles that qualify must meet certain standards. This is how the international definition is used. It determines that a historic vehicle is at least 30 years old. The vehicle must be in the hands of an enthusiast. The vehicle must also be in as original a condition as possible. It must also be maintained in a historically responsible manner. In principle, the vehicle may not be used as a daily means of transport.

Remove uncertainty

When all vehicles of 30 years and older are included in the National Register of Mobile Heritage, the uncertainty disappears. Then all vehicles in that category have separate heritage status. It would also be a good time for a new cabinet to think about a more flexible MRB exemption scheme, in which, among other things, the exemption age will be reduced from 40 year to 30 year.

Environmental sentiment is no longer an argument

In view of the environmental sentiment within national and local politics, an adjustment - irrespective of the fact that the new elections are coming - still seems very far away at the moment. But environmental pollution is not a counter argument for a renewed exemption scheme, since it has long been demonstrated in various cities - national and international - that measures such as environmental zones do not work. Also, older cars - and certainly old-timers - are still rarely driven. The inclusion of 30 year and older vehicles in the Heritage Act can therefore also be a step in the right fiscal direction.

Road pricing not for vintage cars

The FEHAC also zooms in on the possible system changes regarding the MRB. "Suppose the current system of MRB is replaced by" Anders Betalen ". Then the separate status of the old-timer as a driving heritage must be respected. From the age of 30, no kilometer pricing of cars, motorcycles and the like may be used, "according to the FEHAC, which is eagerly looking forward to the developments and policies of the new government.

In debate with politicians and authorities

The FEHAC will discuss this theme with politicians and authorities in the field of mobility on 17 January. The chairman of the FIVA, Patrick Rollet, provides an introduction. The conversation is led by Steven van Eijck, chairman of the RAI association. The Rotterdam Classics Foundation will also be present at the debate, which is being held in the Nieuwspoort press café in The Hague.

You can read more about the views of the FEHAC here.


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  1. Dear people, please do not mislead yourself… ..
    It's not about the environment.
    It is not about the age of the vehicle.
    It's not about safety.
    It is not about whether you are a lover of old vehicles or not.
    It is simply about your money (euros being said) There is too large a group of people in the Netherlands who enjoy an exuberant lifestyle and this must continue to be financed by you.
    You will therefore continue to pay for your hobby, and preferably more or less.

  2. is so shit-sick of all that interfering, I decide for myself how and when I drive my old-timer and in what way, I am completely done with it, I will not let that be determined by some gore kakbal with a potato in the throat,

  3. no anton, but there are also opel enthusiasts about the MANTA… ASCONA… MONZA… KADETT… .are a lot of enthusiasts but they have to park them for 3 months for an emergency because that damn arrangement is there and then not allowed to drive .. what is that stupid bullshit you have to know for yourself whether you drive your OWN car or not… .and then some rotterdam and other cities with their stupid bullshit of environmental zone ?? whoever came up with that does not support either, because cars are there to be driven and not to be disposed of ... if you are an enthusiast and are no longer allowed to drive in some cities ... thousands of cars have already gone to the scrapyard, simply done away by such stupid schemes as environmental zones and because they were not allowed to drive by the government for 3 months…. a corpse gang it is no more and no less just to fill that government people …… 30 years and mrb must be free again be implemented as before and preferably retroactively so that the people who have such cars also get a part reimbursed from the government to cover the costs incurred POINT !!!!!!

    • I just saw a fat American standing at the supermarket. I'm guessing just 40 years old, well under the brine.. Enthusiast? Maybe, but it's not good for such an old container.

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