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Highlighted. Another few showpieces from the Duemila Ruote auction in Milan.

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This weekend RM Sotheby's will auction an almost infinite number of (classic) motorcycles, cars, bicycles, automobilia and boats during the Duemila Ruote. The collection - once collected by Italian Luigi Compiano - goes under the hammer in Fiera Milano. The complete range will probably be sold. No reserve price applies to any of the items on offer. We were faced with the difficult choice of highlighting a few objects. You read the first part of our diptych yesterday. Today we describe another number lots name what caught our eye.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Special Tipo 101.20 (1961)

This beautiful relic from a rich Italian past can of course not be missed under the smoke of home base Arese at a largest auction such as the Duemila Ruote. Alfa Romeo showed the Giulietta to the general public in the 1950s. The Sprint Speciale was one of the special derivatives of the first compact sports sedan in the world. In Fiera Milano, the 560 lot is being put under the hammer: a delicate one White Sprint Speciale with chassis number AR10120 00681 and engine number AR00120 01310. The Tipo 101.20 - with steel doors, an 1.290 CC engine with Weber carburation (top: 200 kilometers per hour!) And the high nose including bumpers - is such a car that we are sure will be cherished for a long time. RM Sotheby's expects a return that is between € 80.000 and € 90.000.

Porsche 911 2.7 1977

Porsche plays a major role at RM Sotheby's auction. More than sixty copies from Zuffenhausen found their way to Milan. We picked one somewhat affordable Porsche 911 2.7 from the collection. The German top athlete built in 1977 is not one of the most popular 911 series. Chances are that you will start to think differently when you see the copy offered by RM Sotheby's. {Lot 510} shows shine and chrome within a gray metallic combination in a beautiful condition. An estimated return between € 20.000 and € 30.000 is not too bad in 911 circles. The buyer gets a great car in return, that much is certain.

Jaguar E-Type S1 3.8 FHC, 1964

The personification of the Jaguar range from the sixties. A fabulous and appreciated in classic circles piece of precious metal, which could certainly be called a piece of art with the delightful 3.8 engine. Details, instruments, buttons and decoration made this car and told a lot about his country of origin. Several E-types are being marketed in Milan today. For an estimated amount between € 45.000 and € 55.000, - for example, the candidate can obtain a nice E-Type from 1964. Bursting in its light gray hue Lot 551 of the character. It is a Series 1, so with the covered light units on the front. He has the goldpainted 3.8 with straight port cylinder head and 3 SU HD8 carburetors. The downside: technology can lead to complex issues. But above all: nicer-drawn cars were hardly built (according to the undersigned). This car certainly comes into the hands of someone who has a preference for automobile sculptures. The E-Type belongs to that category.

Norton Manx 1962

The Norton Manx from 1962 is very special within the collection. This engine - from the last full year of construction - is a Manx of the 40M series. That means so much that it is equipped with an 348,5 cc power source with SOHC (overhead camshaft). Luigi Compiano once added this engine to his collection. A special lightweight construction that achieved a top of almost 200 kilometers per hour. The object offered in Milan looks beautiful and brings those interested back into the competitions of the fifties and the early sixties. The Manx represents historical value. RM Sotheby's expects a revenue between € 25.000 and € 27.000 for this particularly detailed engine. A collector's item, this engine that is auctioned as {Lot 500}.

Much more to see

On the website of RM Sotheby's you can take a closer look at the complete and former collection of Luigi Compiano. And if you are not in Milan, but still want to offer, you can do so via the digital highway. The auction lasts until tomorrow.

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The RM Sotheby's Duemila Ruote auction in Milan. A small selection from the collection.

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