Fiat 1500 Confort (1966) by Frits Wilkens. The most beautiful 'box shape'

Fiat 1500 Comfort (1966)

This beautiful blue Fiat 1500 Confort was shown at the last old-timer show in Leek, striking because of its clean lines and the double headlights in a modern appearance for that time. (Broadly speaking, the design corresponded to the models of other brands from the sixties.) 

By: Dirk de Jong

What was striking is that Frits had stuck an A4 sheet on the window of the Fiat with the text: "Interest poll for my Fiat 1500 Confort" with his 06 number. 


Actually not so remarkable that he wanted to attract attention in this way in order to sell his Italian. He was even willing to trade in other nostalgic items, such as a classic moped or a jukebox. The reason? The Fiat 1500 Confort is only used in summer for a single ride and has actually been standing still since 2015. An additional reason is the ongoing virus misery where events are (almost) a thing of the past, moreover, Frits has now achieved senior status, which also plays a role for him. 

50 years back in time

There were always cars in Frits' life, but this Fiat was very special, because it took him back to his younger years. Immediately after his 18th birthday and obtaining the pink paper, this type of Fiat was his first car, and he wanted that old-timer back – purely out of nostalgia. His first Fiat seemed quite reasonable, but after a while holes appeared under the skin. And as we all know, the rust devil is capable of damaging the bodywork considerably. Repairs were made with care and dedication to keep it on the road, but its lifespan proved limited. 

Classic car life in the 'now'. 

His love for 'old metal' remains, but it is still wise to pass on the car and its history to the younger generation, hence his remarkable action. 

Frits: “As the type designation indicates, the Fiat 1500 Confort has a displacement of 1500 cc, and runs just as smoothly as a six-cylinder. The power source ensures that you can still keep up with today's busy traffic, but as a hobby car it will follow the B-roads and maybe participate in fun rides. The shift lever is still on the steering column, shifting is very light and that way it is still a real pleasure to drive. And let your gaze wander over the photos once more, isn't that fun?” 

Classic Country

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Fiat 1500 Comfort (1966)


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  1. The dashboard has been in the Polski Fiat 125p for a long time, because the Italians did not give permission to make the Polish version too luxurious and advanced. So instead of the Fiat 125's fancy twin clocks, the 125p got the old 1500 dashboard. Also technically a 125p has always remained a Fiat 1300 / 1500, after all, the wheelbase was the same (2,50m). The later FSO Polonez was also still a Fiat 1500 under the skin. And so the Fiat 1500 lived on in the FSO Prima and the Daewoo Caro 1500, until finally in 2002 the curtain fell on this car, which technically dates from 1961.

    Polonez Caro Plus ZS

  2. In 1968 I bought a used 1300, burgundy red, little used at the time. Spicy car, which unfortunately sometimes something was wrong. Exchanged in 1970 for a new 2 CV. Then a completely different story began!

  3. I 'grew up with it'. It was a popular car on the street I lived on in the 300s. Over a distance of 13 meters there were four! Both the 1500- and the XNUMX. In white, blue and Bordeaux red.
    I especially like the overhang above the rear window. Later you saw that with more cars.
    But at home it was Opel Rekord of Citroën. First the TA and later the DS. Also with an overhang. As if the thirties of housing were revived.

  4. This was my first car, which I bought from an uncle for several hundred guilders. Smooth running car that I have enjoyed driving. The car had hand throttle (as a precursor to cruise control). Although the beams were quite rusted, you could still drive with six people without any problem. At one point there was so much rust that repair would cost too much. But still fond memories of it.

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