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Hans Hoonakker was the founder of Fiat 600 club and was registered as number 19. He has owned his Fiat 600 Abarth replica since August 26, 1980. The sporty-looking classic is from November 7, 1963 and is listed on the license plate as Fiat with the details Seat BG, Type 600 L. And although 'none' is mentioned on that license plate, the car is for Hans and his wife Thea. special. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Hans certainly contributes to the objective of the club, to ensure that the Fiat 600 does not disappear from the streets and generate interest among other enthusiasts for this model. It is wonderful for members, and therefore also for Hans, to exchange experiences. Friendships develop and it is also always fun. 

Fiat 600 Abarth replica

The Italian company Abarth made faster versions of various Fiats, but of course also supplied the necessary parts and finery as a tuner. Hans' Fiat has not been serviced by the tuner, but it does have the appearance. For example, the Fiat 600 was equipped with things like bucket seats, special exhaust, supports to keep the hood open, an extra oil cooler in the front bumper and of course the Abarth logo.


Outwardly, the Fiat 600 Abarth replica is a copy of the original. Sometimes the performance is done so well that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from the original. After all, not everyone is equally well-versed in this. That is not important to Hans. He likes the car. After all, you drive it to enjoy it. The striking appearance contributes even more to this. 

The Fiat 600 is an iconic model and because the bodywork is equivalent to the Seat 600, Zastava 600 and 750, they are also welcome at the Fiat 600 club. The valuation of this Fiat 600 Abarth replica is of no importance to Hans. The emotional value is. And in that sense, we respect the beautifully executed chic Fiat 600 as a tribute to its sporty brother.

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