Fiat 600 E from 1973. Warming Fiat heart for Egbert Jan.

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There classics purchasing (copy)

Anyone who has knowledge of the classic world knows it: 600 is a Fiat. He has the charm of the southern temperament. You bring the world to you in a Fiat 600! 

By: Dirk de Jong

As soon as a car is made in large numbers, the individualist wants to make his car more personal and distinctive. That is why this Fiat got a faster-looking version that resembles the well-known Fiat Abarth, the racing monster on the European circuits. The car is also standard, with the original engine, but the version remains sporty. 

Stranded project

It didn't start without a hitch for Egbert Jan with the purchase of a stranded project. The Fiat 600 E was severely affected by the brown monster (rust). The wheel rims were very bad, the bottom had welding. But as a 'metal man' he started this job together with his father. Egbert Jan is young, and therefore the new generation of classic owners. And young usually means more initiative and more daring. But his father had more free time and experience. 

Project halted

After a few years the project was halted by the death of his father and there was no courage and strength to finish the project. Yet another start came. It took more than 15 years from the time of purchase to the admission to the road. 

Link to childhood memory

Egbert Jan: “My grandfather started his life with a small Italian, an Autobianchi and later got a Fiat 600. His car ownership ended with a bright orange Fiat 128 Coupé. To prove that the Fiat DNA clearly ran in the family, I give a summary of my father's car life. It started with a Fiat 600, then two more of the same type. Then came a Fiat 127 three times, a Fiat Ritmo twice, a Tipo and finally a Bravo. No wonder I have good memories of that. The Fiat heart continues to beat with me, even through my childhood memories.”

bright yellow rascal

It is beautiful, fun and practical and manoeuvrable, so very useful in the current (busy) traffic. Participation in traffic is limited to small trips with the wife and children. Just an ideal city car with good road holding and most importantly, its thirst for petrol is low. 

What is also small is the cost of a Subscription† Much cheaper than individual sales explode Auto Motor Klassiek each on the doormat immediately after appearing. With a click of the mouse you are assured of lots of old-timer and classic fun on 2 or 4 wheels. My advice: Do it! 

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  1. Fiat 600 is in your blood I was 15 years old then I had already owned 2 now I am 72 years old I am back on my 2nd Fiat 600 600 this one has a fast engine I would like to get in touch with someone who can help me learn about the engine. I want to make some adjustments. Jaap Slierings Tel 0654364854

  2. Dag,

    My father also used to have a Fiat 600 (his 1st car). I'm still looking for a Fiat 76 to rent/borrow for a part-day for my dad's 600th birthday.
    Who knows anything? It would be so cool!
    Joost Dusseljee, Assen

  3. “Autobianchi, Fiat 600, orange Fiat 128 Coupe. Fiat 600, then two more of the same type. Three times a Fiat 127, twice a Fiat Ritmo, a Tipo and finally a Bravo”.
    Then you can indeed speak of Fiat DNA. There are a few appealing models, such as the Fiat 28 coupe, the Ritmo and the Tipo. You will not often come across the 128 in particular.

  4. I made a fiat 600 complete as 1000 TC with many genuine Abarth parts, and an Abarth engine, modified chassis, Abarth dashboard, oil cooler etc. etc.
    Really fun to drive

  5. Indeed, very nice, but for the bumper I prefer the chrome bumper like with my old rusted away fiat 600. But to each his own taste 🤗🤗

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