Fiat 600 L (1973) by Dirk. attraction. 

Fiat 600 L (1973) by Dirk. attraction.
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“I want to do something to experience the fun you can have on the road with the Fiat 600.” That was Dirk's argument to purchase this bright yellow 'big' small car as a hobby car two years ago. The Fiat 600 L from 1973 is beautiful, after all, the eye wants something too! The little Italian has a pleasantly balanced appearance. The same applies to the interior finish. 

By: Dirk de Jong

The Fiat 600 L comes from a collection that had to be thinned out because the owner had meanwhile reached a senior status. But he also wanted to give someone else the pleasure of owning the classic. The preference was therefore clearly for an enthusiastic enthusiast. For many years it was a nice activity for the owner to spend time (and money) on the pleasure of collecting. 

Life full of passion

The current owner of the Fiat 600 L, Dirk, shows in his shed that his life is also full of passion. A few engines, a classic tractor, a man with a sense of style. Dirk found an old advertisement in the glove box with information: Fiat 600, 4 persons, 24 hp, petrol 1:17, 90 kilometers per hour. For business use, you can fold down the rear seats. Complete with heating for the price of 4.790 guilders! 

Spanish Seat production? 

Also striking was a sticker with the Spanish text: Vehiculo pintado en origin con pinturas, on which we conclude that the vehicle was painted in an original paint (Amarillo Ocre). But the registration certificate indicates that it is not a Seat, but a Fiat. 

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Carefree driving

“Distances shrink, the distance disappears. You bring the world to you with the Fiat 600. Your sporty driving pleasure goes hand in hand with a petrol-efficient, almost energy-saving engine!” An advertisement couldn't be more enthusiastic, could it? 

Special pleasure

Dirk: “This Fiat 600 is not only attractive for me, but for everyone. Driving the Fiat 600 is a special pleasure. The small short lever shifts very lightly and therefore requires no effort. And it goes extremely fast. This is especially pleasant in heavy traffic. The large door makes boarding easy. Of course I don't have to say anything about the maneuverability in traffic. Conclusion: I am happy with my peerless Italian.” 

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  1. I owned this Fiat, the 36-AK-95, for about 10 years. But due to too busy work I never got around to making it beautiful. The base was good. Glad the Fiat ended up well. Oh yes, one more note: officially this Fiat had a “spaghetti” exhaust manifold. I think this one was original.


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