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As chairman of the Fiat 600 club, Edo van Graas, together with a large group of volunteers, has the task of generating interest in the Fiat 600. Driving around in a Fiat 600 Multipla from 1963 is of course a great way to do that. 

By: Dirk de Jong

No praise for the Fiat 600 is necessary. It is certain that it evokes nostalgic feelings among the elderly and is a separate and affordable classic for the young people.

The Fiat 600 Multipla 

In addition to the great successes that the Fiat 600 achieved in days gone by, the Multipla was a versatile and unique appearance. The Fiat 600 Multipla did not have the same basic construction as the famous 600. But a front train of the larger type Fiat 1100, and the rear train of the 600, which allowed the model to accommodate more people. And it was also a very practical car to transport a lot of stuff. The Fiat 600 Multipla is a space wonder. Versatile and exceptionally pleasing in appearance. The photos prove it, it puts a smile on your face. 

A glass dome 

This unique Fiat 600 Multipla with its graceful profile, its smooth line, its seats are properly distributed, the easy entry through the four doors should be in a museum under a glass bell jar. No, Edo van Graas sees this symbol of the automobile past differently. The motto is enjoyment; to drive. After all, that's what he's made for. His 'tangible' love has been in his possession for 20 years. His enthusiasm is not limited to this Multipla, but to several breed horses from the Italian stable. Such as several 600s and many other types of Fiat that were made a long time ago but are still found beautiful. In short: Being active within the club of like-minded enthusiasts with the bonus of the conviviality, togetherness and friendships that have arisen as a result.

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Fiat 600 Multipla

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  1. Dear,
    I have had 80 cars in my life and have been a fan of total car and motorsport since my 10th year! I'll check with the real experts, because I'm sure it was a Multipla!
    The owner was the father of a friend of mine from elementary school! A police officer.

  2. I know from my early days that the Multipla also came with a door on the front. Here the driver could perhaps get to the steering wheel a little easier. I am now 65 and have never seen a Multipla front door since Policeagent van Breukelen from Oss. Do you know more about it?

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