Fiat 850 T Campervan (1974) from Elleke. Private bungalow.

Fiat 850 T Campervan (1974) from Elleke. Private bungalow.

We live in a fast-paced world. That makes it great to get away for once, even if it's only on the weekends. You can then be completely human again and feel lucky in that regard. Well… and then you, as a true enthusiast, need a hotel on wheels. One like this Fiat 850 T Camper Van from 1974. A versatile mini bungalow. 

By: Dirk de Jong

A Fiat 850 T is very special in itself and therefore also has an exclusive value. The value for Elleke is really only in the sheer pleasure she experiences with the camper. She bought the beautiful Fiat two years ago from an Amsterdam owner. After some technical adjustments - such as an electronic ignition - and a new interior, the car was able to beautify the Dutch road again. In addition to a travel car, it is also a passenger car, versatility everywhere. 


If you look at the photos of the Fiat 850 T Camper Van, you start to philosophize. You can go wherever you want, do whatever you want. That is absolute freedom. Now you could say that you can do that with all motorhomes. Of course, but the Fiat is a very special possession. Pleasures for Elleke that are priceless. We as classic enthusiasts share that feeling.

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Elleke: “For me, it's just a very nice hobby car that shares parts with the well-known Fiat 600 in terms of technology. I have various brochures and brochures of the car where I can look back on the 70s. It is much more fun if we go through it to look at the nostalgic glasses. With this Fiat 850 T Camper van I bring history back to life. Along the way I get a lot of enthusiastic reactions to my 'pet'. That makes every ride a source of pleasure. It's a beauty. It is a privilege for me to be on the road.”

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  1. The number of campers based on the Fiat 850T and 900T in the Netherlands can be counted on one hand!
    I would like to get in touch with Elleke.
    I have the Fiat 900T Amigo.

  2. Parts of Fiat 600 in the 850T also makes sense. After all, the 850T is a further development of the 600 Multipla

  3. We have the bigger brother of the Fiat 850T, the Fiat 238 in the original Weinsberg version. A great fun camper of which very few are left. But again today there was someone who said; Hey, that's a Russian van, isn't it?

    Fortunately, it says Fiat 238 on the back with large letters and numbers

    • Fiat 238..a beautiful property, maybe I can make you happy with an original folder that lists all versions, the price is 0,00, the value is very high.

  4. I know this car from my younger years, at the time the local oil man drove there. He was a lilliputian and had elongated pedals. As a child I thought that was mighty special (think early 70s)

  5. Too bad that there are no photos of the camping area and a photo of the other long side then the story would have been complete.
    Unfortunately, I also miss the more technical data and how your motorhome behaves on the road.
    Very nice that you keep him or is it a hair like a moving museum on the road.
    Have a lot of fun.

  6. Fiats from the 50s-60s and early 70s are all endearing.
    This Fiat model has many similarities with the still-produced UAZ that is still for sale new in the Netherlands.

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