FIAT 900 T (1963) 'Ice cold' the most beautiful.

FIAT 900T (1963)
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Sometimes you come across them, enchanting old-timers and you go to the car with eyes, beaming with desire and excitement. To buy an artisanal delicacy? Yes, but even more so to see the beautiful Fiat 900 T. We can really get excited about these pieces of art on wheels that we found this time near Urk. 

Fiat 900 T: Solution for all kinds of transport. 

His registration data reads: "Company car for retail and exhibition purposes". This beautiful and unique specimen is ideally suited to its task: the sale of Italian ice cream. The beautiful model has long since disappeared from the streets, but fortunately this Morrison FIAT 900 T has been preserved. 


This smallest food truck, of which only 50 were made, was produced as an ice cream truck by an English company Morrison. Many copies will have disappeared by now. The name of the company is under the grill of the little Italian. 

The FIAT company bus

If you look at the advertisements from 1969, you will see that FIAT could supply various company buses. Certainly if there was no need for the large vans. For example, there was a FIAT 600 T in the price list for 6.888 and a FIAT 238 for ƒ 8.736.

New task

For the entrepreneur – in addition to the business – the classic hobby must also play a role, because the FIAT is in impeccable condition. The colors correspond to the color of his Italian ice creams and the 2 ice cream cones make it complete. So in addition to sales for the ice cream seller, it will also be meeting enthusiasts who appeal to him about his 58-year-old company car. 

In idle mode

We couldn't trace an owner to tell the story behind the FIAT, but we don't let that limit our enthusiasm.

FIAT 900T (1963)


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  1. I think I have seen this car several times at the fair in Langeraar.
    When it's a fair there, we often go there on Sunday to have a look, and then have an ice cream cone.
    The seller is always friendly.
    Not infrequently he does an extra scoop, because a child can't choose or something.
    Maybe contact the organization of the Langeraarse fair, they probably know who that sympathetic ice cream seller is.
    (I do have a contact who will know, just contact me if necessary)

  2. The Fiat 600-850 must have been the most hybrid car series ever. After the Model T then. The regular 600 and the Multipla, the 850 coach, also built by Seat as a four-door 900, then the 850 coupé in two sizes, the 850 convertible, this 850 and 900 Transport and then made for a very long time as Zastava 750 and as Seat 133.

  3. These delicious ice creams were sold by kucarfa together with the underlying car in 2020 (see website

  4. ironically, you even come across the T-morrison in Italy, although there are also many skilled carossiers there

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