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Fiat 1100. A small family car

If an acquaintance asks for an address where she can buy a good car for a good price, we will send her to Vernon. And then we are not too bad to go along to morally support the car-free prospective buyer. Marjan has found her neat car in Velp. But that was not the endearing Fiat 1100 who is also waiting for a new owner there.

A heart-rending car

Fiat once started as FIAT: Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. Later some capital letters and dots disappeared. The Fiat 1100 is a smaller family car that was made between 1953 and 1969. It was a completely new unibody - a car with a self-supporting body - and was the replacement for the Fiat 1100 E, which descended from the pre-war Fiat 508 C Balilla 1100 and still had a separate chassis. The 1100 continued to develop until it was replaced in 1969 by the new Fiat 128. A series of light-commercial versions and sportier models of the 1100 was also built. The final 1100, the Fiat 1100 D, lived happily ever after in India, where Premier Automobiles continued to build the car until the end of 2000.

So a new Fiat

The Fiat Nuova 1100, or Fiat 1100 / 103 as it was called internally, was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in April 1953. The self-supporting body was the greatest novelty. The motorization remained familiar before the war. He came 1 on 1 from the Balilla 1100. The 1089 cc head valve inhaled by a Solex or Weber downflow carburetor and delivered a somewhat optimistic 36 (CUNA) hp at 4.000 rpm. This had increased the engine power with 1 hp compared to the original version of the small four-cylinder. The four-speed gearbox with a not yet synchronized first gear was operated entirely in the fashion of that time with a lever from the steering column. With a specified speed of 116 km / h, the Fiat was certainly no wallflower in its time.

Bare or with frills

The new model was offered in two different versions: the 'bare' Tipo A and a more luxurious Tipo B. The first was only available in a gray-brown paint color, had separate front seats instead of a bench, minimal bling-bling, and no heater and ventilation. With Type B there was more luxury on board and it could even be ordered with whitewall tires and radio. A feature of 103s in the 1950s were the doors, both hinged on the center pillar. This would change in 1960, when the 1100 continued its delivery with the more modern bodywork of the Fiat 1200 sedan.

In June 1956, three years and more than 257.000 cars, the Fiat 1100 received a thorough makeover.

In September 1957 the 1100 was upgraded again with a completely redesigned back. He premiered at the Paris Motor Show in October, along with the new 1200 Granluce.

In 1962 it was time for the third generation 1100, called the 1100 D. That end product was a sober but comfortable four-door sedan. The 1100 D was an Italian sales hit in the early 1960s and survived virtually unchanged until 1966, when the introduction of the groundbreaking 124 model prepared the brand for the future.

They used to be smaller

Meanwhile, it is striking how friendly the time for classics can be. What also stands out: The size of this once middle class family car. But that has a lot to do with the fact that the average Italian man was 165 cm tall in the early sixties.

Thanks to Vernon de Groot from Velp,

FIAT 1100


FIAT 1100


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  1. Hallo,

    First in 1966, the 1100 R came to 1969 (see photo) as the successor to the 1100 D; this had, in contrast to the 1100 D which had the 1221 cc engine, the well-known 1089 cc power source; the 124 was the successor of the 1300 !!!

    Bert Monster

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