Fiat Ritmo 130 TC Abarth (1984): Approval looks for Bouke. 

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Don't let the nameplate on the back of the car fool you, because the Fiat Ritmo 130 TC Abarth is a truly original 130 TC. Together with his brother and father Mient they live completely in the Ritmo world. And in the world of Abarth, the well-known Italian tuner. Because their passion lies mainly in the sporty models from Fiat. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

When Mient's collection started, the Fiat Ritmo was still an ordinary car. He fell for the Ritmo's own face. The elastic synthetic resin bumper appealed to him. But solidity and motor reliability also played a role in the purchase. 

Collection with added value 

A collection starts with two… when another Ritmo appears in the yard, it is the start of a collection. The added value was that it was now only about the sporty models. Mient: “This is where my 'addiction' started. It has become part of our lives, my collection now consists of the following cars… We have a 130 Ritmo 1986 TC Abarth. The black car is one hundred percent original. A Ritmo 130 TC Abarth. The white car is a DNRT Racing car. The 130 black Ritmo 1986 TC Abarth is waiting for restoration. Finally, there is a Ritmo 130 TC Abarth from 1985, gray in color and still as airframe. 

Do you already have an incomprehensible look in the eyes that in heaven's name moved me to…? Because there are more sporty models such as: Ritmo 75 ie (1988), dark blue, according to our information the last in the Netherlands with an injection engine. Ritmo Bertone 100 S Cabriolet (1986) and finally a 'normal' Ritmo 60 cl of 1980 red in color. ” 


This is also where the contamination started for Bouke. For him a wonderful scrap iron with an addictive sound on the driving days of the Dutch circuits and at a slower pace on the road. The Fiat Ritmo 130 TC Abarth has been adapted to his personal taste, the body kit is a good example of this. His brother Jacco has also adapted his Ritmo 105 TC (dark gray) to his own taste and preference. 

Compliments archive 

Bouke tries to keep the Ritmo on the road, all work and maintenance are carried out together with his father. In the classic world people sometimes call for rejuvenation. Bouke is only 25, a wonderful age to be in love with an Italian. (And of course we mean the Ritmo 130 TC Abarth.) He likes to experience that the sporty Fiat evokes many nostalgic feelings. His 'compliment archive' is therefore overcrowded. Not only the personal encounters along the way, but also the digital attention worldwide and especially from Italy. It is clear that Italians love cars and that is why they build Fiats. 

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  1. Yes that Ritmo. Plenty of discussions with my then MAVO classmate Marc ……. A friendly boy whose father owned, then, FIAT Witte in Rijswijk. In terms of car enthusiast I was on the German side so I consistently brought the rust and unreliability into our discussions about car mobiles and rightly so. Then.
    I never knew that I would own three Grande Puntos in a row of which the current one is an Abarth and which makes me cherish enormous appreciation for the Abarth Ritmos and their enthusiasts. Incidentally, also a design by Giugiaro, just like my GP.

  2. Solidity and motor reliability!
    The latter is certainly true, but the former?
    Reliability also means that the bodywork does not fall apart due to rust after a few years!
    The Ritmo was very good at that in general: Rust!
    The TCs will likely have been in worrisome hands most of the time and have been garage cars that have seen little salt too!
    The 'rest' of the ordinary Rhythmos have disappeared from the streets!
    There, the 500's were a bit better, despite the fact that they were older in construction!
    I also thought the early 80s was a different and stubborn model, I also had some FIATS to get a 124 and a 127, but waited a few years because I couldn't afford a new Ritmo, then the Ritmos I saw from a 3 at 4 years old all quite rusty!


  3. De Redactie, Eric and Dolf plus all the others who make this message possible, What should it do
    fun and interesting to be able to visit so many people. It never is
    a boring bunch, always nice warm people. Beautiful all those Fiats in 1 family. It makes little or no difference
    what people think is beautiful, if written about, it is worthwhile.
    Thanks Editorial team,


  4. Bouke clearly has a preference for the OerRitmo because the front and rear are of this type. My Abarth was older (KG-84-DY) and just the facelift model. Despite that, nicely done especially because mine also ended up as a (black) track beast, stripped interior and a yellow roll cage.

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