Fiat Topolino 500 C from 1955. Jan's gray mouse. 

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In the Netherlands there is a club of fans of the Fiat Topolino who can tell everything about the history of this famous Italian car. Not only your own pleasure is important when owning a Fiat Topolino, but also the possibility to exchange experiences with other enthusiasts. In short, having fun for and with each other with the moving 'mice'. Within the national club there are already more than 200 in impeccable condition and Jan's membership has increased the number again. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Keeping it running until the end of the day, that's the mission. The very first Topolino model came out in 1936, after which the Fiat 500 took over. After the war, the affordable Fiat Topolino was a solution for transport, but of course also for private use such as trips with friends and family. At that time it was an ordinary utility car, but now it is a pet car that many old-timer / classic car enthusiasts enjoy. With the Fiat 500, the Topolino slowly disappeared from view, but thanks to the efforts of many enthusiasts, the little Italian remained fully in the picture in the classic and hobby possession. 

Folder with documentation

Jan: “The first owner was from Tegelen, the linen license plate is still with the car, together with the necessary valuation reports that give a good picture of the condition of the car. 

The engine is water-cooled, 4-cylinder in-line, 569 cc and 16,5 hp. The gearbox is in good, neat condition. The link works well. 4 Hydraulic drum brakes, work well. Mechanically and visually in good condition. 

This special example of the Fiat Topolino has never been restored, has not been welded to anything and is 100 percent original with a correct mileage. The owner put the car in a dry cellar in 1960 and left it there for years. Because the car used to be part of the membership of the club, research is still being done into its further history. 

The wishlist

Jan: “I had the Fiat Topolino on my wish list for a long time, it is the preference for simple technology, a beautiful model in a convertible version, but the other types can certainly also appeal to me. The mechanics of this endearing little car are the same in all models. The car has a few spots where you can see the life of the car, but it does get a lot of attention and positive reactions. For me it is an ingenious block of technology from a bygone era that I would like to keep driving for years to come.”

Topolino (little mouse)

Due to the success of the Disney film in those years and the similarity of the sloping front of the car with the face of the mouse, they spontaneously gave it this pet name to the first model of this funny, funny and cuddly Italian. 

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  1. A beautiful Toop, only under the hood it looks a bit messy and strange. The "pots" are not original. The attached photo of my Toop from 1952 shows what the original should look like.

  2. In the garage we called them: "finger eaters" because of the fan behind the block, a situation that many did not count on. So am I missing a pinkie!.
    More cute little cars

  3. quote” The very first Topolino model came out in 1936, after which the Fiat 500 took over”

    fiat 500A, 500B, 500C 1936 -1955 the topolino
    nuova 500 1957-1976 the backpack
    cinquecento 1991-1999 you know, the square one from poland
    500 , 2007-…..

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