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Engine cleaning agents. For internal use ...

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Our hobby cars are no longer very young and the current fuels destroy more than you would like. Modern gasoline, for example, has a service life of just six weeks. then they turn into an almost non-flammable, water-attracting three.

That results, certainly at the start of a season, in a structurally healthy but poorly running block. And something can be done about it. By the way, before the time comes. In any case, drain the float tank from your classic.

But if you don't get there again this year, then there are healing methods. Although they are often quite chemo therapy-like ... Read on:

In fact, the 76-5 class wheelers engineers already knew that. Because in the garages where the fat DAFs and Nekafs were carelessly cared for, there were always a set of engine cleaner bottles. That stuff, for example, was delivered via the carburetor to the white, six-cylinder side valves running at increased speed. The 5,5 liter six-spitter swallowed and then coughed to emit a cloud of white poisonous vapor that fell over entire pine forests. But the block was reborn.

The environmentally friendly second cousins ​​of that stuff are now set with three cleaning products such as Brezan offers.

The 3-step fuel system cleaning kits eliminate rough running at no-load, irregular ignition intervals, power loss, detonation and after-diesel. The products ensure better performance and lower emission values. Such a three-step fuel system cleaning kit ensures better performance. Such systems clean quickly, safely and effectively. According to an 3 Step-by-Step Plan

Step 1 - Fuel System

cleanser The concentrated cleaner for cleaning the entire fuel system from the tank to the outlet. The product composition dissolves adhesives, varnish and carbon deposits. Highly effective cleaning agents make the fuel injectors or carburetor, inlet valves, etc. free of deposits. Removes moisture from the fuel system. Lubricates injectors, valves, the cylinder bore above the piston and the piston rings. Improves combustion and reduces exhaust emissions.

Step 2 - Oil System Treatment

cleanser Oil-based composition for safe and good protection, conditions the crankcase during the dissolution of pollution in the oil system. Contains friction and extreme pressure bearing components to protect the friction surfaces during cleaning. This oil-based product has been developed to remain in the crankcase for a full oil change period to ensure optimum cleaning of the crankcase.

Step 3 - Induction

cleanser A two phase inlet cleaner. Quickly dissolves adhesives and varnishes on in- and on the intake manifold runners, valves, piston and compression space. Remaining cleaner continues to provide a complete, long-term cleaning through permanent action on hard carbon residues. Lubricates during cleaning. Reduces the emission build-up in the catalyst. The induction cleaner has an Alcohol / methanol-free composition and is safe for the car, environment and technicians.

All in all, you can pass this message on to your family members just before 5 December in terms of wish list.

A nice Sinterklaas party. Also on behalf of the Dieselpiet.

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