Ford Consul 315

A Ford Consul 315 with left-hand steering wheel is a utopia?
As an English Ford enthusiast, have you placed your hope in a Consul 315? The chance that you will find one with a left-hand steering wheel is minimal, actually excluded, and for the time being it has remained with dreams and, above all, hope ... Too few of them were built, they rusted terribly and were demolished for the Ford Anglia and Cortina interchangeable components.

Fortunately (!) You are a reader of Auto Motor Klassiek, because we have found one for you - en route to the ferry with order Great Britain -. The much sought-after 2-door version, left-hand steering wheel, white in color, good driving, not ruined, year of construction 1962 and still in exceptionally good condition. Asking Price 2.500 Euro. Further information: telephone 0033-3-21115.2605. With the right wheel you can still find this Consuls. Good search and especially useful with the welding machine ...

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