Henry Ford Consul Coupe (1974). Functional beauty. 

Ford Consul Coupe (1974)
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When you see this beautiful and much-loved classic 1974 Ford Consul Coupé in a parking lot, you become incredibly curious about the story of this classic car. A note under the windshield wiper is then the only way to get in touch with the owner. This time contact was made quickly and the voice in the phone immediately sounded energetic and enthusiastic about the Ford classic hobby.

By: Dirk de Jong

Owner Hendrik says: “My car life started with the VW Beetle, but Ford soon showed the way and various Fords came into view, with the Taunus model being the favourite.

The Ford Taunus is perfect in my eyes. Not only are they reliable, they are also comfortable and have great road holding. And that is especially true for my Ford Consul Coupé.”

Ford Consul coupe

The story for the coupe was a bit different. Hendrik found a stranded project, in fact a bare chassis with boxes full of parts. The construction and restoration took no less than 4 years, which is now 12 years ago. The Ford still drives every summer without any problems.

On the front

Only one thought comes to the fore in Hendrik's mind. That is owning the Ford Consul, being able to drive it in the summer months and devoting a lot of attention and love to it. It is of great personal significance to him, with shining eyes he can stand admiring his property. For him, classic driving equals experiencing romance and freedom.


If you're a classic Ford aficionado, aren't you gazing with delight at this flaunting, shiny Ford Consul Coupé? Don't you agree?

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  1. Speaking of the license plate, a 00 in the !!! …
    I used to have a Chevy Van with the number 56-ZB-00.
    TIG X was also arrested, because the Police claimed that a license plate with 00 in it had never been issued.
    Surprised to finally see one.

  2. Nice car, but the report could have been a little longer and a little more pictures of the car? The reader will still be a bit hungry after reading this article…

  3. Hello, a beautiful car, I had 3 of them at the time, 2 x a coupe, a 3 door, but the coupe is complete. Now I still have a Granada coupe, but it still has to be restored, unfortunately I haven't had time for it yet. Have fun with it.

  4. Long ago I spent a weekend in Germany with a bunch of comrades with such a Consul. Was already at the end of its life cycle. Can of 5 liter 20W50 went through in such a weekend. But a nice car to drive more, even if the hood had already flown open and ended up on the roof while driving. Good times.

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