Ford Cortina - A Cortina and the Swedish trim

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If you ever throw away a classic, are you a dealer? If you have had a classic for over forty years, are you a collector? Jan Tinga from Ter Aar does not care. He is very pleasant. He doesn't have a Ford Cortina, but he has two. But you cannot have everything.

The Ford Cortina was a success

But few are left. They were therefore pure, affordable utility cars, which were made without eternity value. Yet Jan Tinga has two. Jan Tinga was a garage owner, prepared countless classic rally cars and transported them throughout Europe. Now he has redone the garage. And he… started a business. He now has a hall for fun (and for his son, the master woodworker). He kept a car transporter with which he takes classics from here to there. And he enjoys his own classics.

Jan has a taste for Ford. But likes much more. And the Ford Cortina in combat uniform? He has it for forty years. The Mk II is a more recent addition.

The punishment for the Edsel

In America, the Edsel had been a huge flop for Ford. The project had cost a lot of money. Edsel designer Roy Brown jr. Was therefore sent to England for punishment. There he was not allowed to make a high-quality, prestige-looking car, but had to think of something simple that could be produced cheaply and massively. The newcomer should take on proven sales successes such as the Morris Oxford Farina and the Vauxhall Victor. And the Ford Cortina did just fine.

I have had a first generation Ford Cortina myself. Bought new. And paid for by my father. That was at toy store Deetman in Utrecht. And the headlights were faceted like diamonds. That was wonderful in the eyes of a ten-year-old.

The other Ford Cortina

That full-size car with steroids is Jan's second Cortina. This is proof that forty years of rallying a car does not have to be signed. Jan is a fast, but watchful rider. Without the ambition to become world champion, he has run very bravely and not without merit many circuits. And never been damaged. His very smooth Ford Cortina is still largely in the first paint.

There is more time nowadays

Now that Jan only has himself as staff, he hopes to be able to make time to let the Mk1 out properly again. But the later Cortina? It is just as intact and Jan found it in Sweden. It was too good to leave.

We stood there and we watched it. And fell in love on the spot.

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  1. An uncle had the one with the round taillights. He "served" in Suriname for a few years, and took him with him. It had become too rusty to take back so he had the Cortina spray painted blue and sold it for good money.

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