Ford Escort RS 1600 Turbo (1985). Jakob Hazenberg's taste maker 

Ford Escort RS 1600 Turbo
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When we start talking about the spoon, you will understand that the strong memories of Jacob go back to his father. Then images emerge of the various Escorts that his father drove. And they still generate positive emotions. His dream was to one day own such a Ford, but of course in a fast version. That became reality in 2010 when he was able to buy this Ford Escort RS 1600 Turbo (the white tornado). 

By: Dirk de Jong

For him a perfect timeless design, a beauty. The Ford shone just as hard as its new owner. 

Fight for preservation

The bodywork was optimal, as was the interior. But the technology was far from 100 percent. The engine ran rough. There were moments of regret in the first years after purchase. It makes sense that he often thought "What did I get into?" And yet again an investment of energy, euros and patience. A new clutch kit, disassembly of the engine, different radiator for extra cooling (double cooling fins). The head was overhauled, it appeared to be torn and so flattened again, 4 new pistons, in short a financial trough of tears. In 2016 optimism and willpower returned. The job had to be done to enjoy the Ford Escort RS 1600 Turbo. 

His wolf in sheep's coat

Eventually, the recovery followed and Jakob took the fast Escort and friends to Ford events and club days, where the car even won several awards. Jakob: "This type of Escort in the 1600 RS version was only produced for 1 year and is therefore exclusive and I am a prize winner in every respect." The standard version of this model has also almost disappeared from the streets. Fortunately, they still play a major role with real enthusiasts. 


Jakob has an above-average interest in classics and young timers and in particular, of course, for Ford. You can now distinguish yourself with this 35 year old Ford Escort RS 1600 Turbo. This hobby car now gives driving pleasure and as an extra you keep memories of your father's car alive.

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  1. This RS Turbo MK 3 was at the Paris motor show.
    There I went to see him, some time later he was on the Rai in Amsterdam from the Rai immediately driven to my Ford dealer in Oss and ordered.
    It was the last (of the 7) to be delivered in NL.
    When I see one, I always check the license plates on the date of first issue license plate, then you see that most are import cars

  2. Hans's Escort Turbo has been with me for a long time. To be able to drive briefly in the beginning. That was somewhere in 1997 or 1998. Gearbox repair and then had the cylinder head off once. After a few weeks it was running on 3 cylinders again and then I put it aside. Because of the many kilometers that I had to drive, I was still at school 3 nights a week, I had bought an old Orion Diesel. Not to get ahead but it drove, and cheap too! "Trade that escort anyway" said my employer at the time. I thought I had something special in my hands and decided to keep the RS, you never know.

    Restoration started in 2018. The car had been stationary since 1998 so that has become quite a job. Everything disassembled and neatly put away. A lot (read: a lot of) rusty sheet metal came out. Lots of holes and shit. Original, of course, no longer available, so transfer parts are underway. Because I don't want to put sheet metal over it, but rather replace it, that is also a challenge in itself, having to adjust just about everything to the dimensions of the original.
    I was the first to take care of the engine, which soon revealed why it had been put aside long ago, a worn out camshaft. Everything was tackled right away, new piston rings, bearings, water pump, rollers you name it. Cylinder block sandblasted with sand, sprayed in the epoxy and back on the original color. Turbocharged a new snail shell, popped up somewhere in England, and everything looks the way I have in mind. Even a lot of effort had to be done to get an EFL90 oil filter, but that is now also over.
    Unfortunately, due to understaffing, I have not been able to work much on the Escort in the last year. The body looks at me every day, but I will definitely finish this project. Once paint is on it goes in the right direction!

  3. Hi,
    I also bought the RS Turbo new (NH-92-SB), I went to see it in Paris at the motor show and immediately fell in love.
    Ordered from Ford Hendriks in Oss, it is said that very few were sold on Dutch registration.
    That year Theo Koks (ford nl) drove on Zandvoort with this RS was tuned in Germany and kept at (Ford Gerstmann).
    Because we were on Zandvoort every race I got to know Theo, I offered if he had parts he could always borrow parts from my car if necessary, luckily that never happened.
    As a result, Theo gave me an easier warranty, because the exhaust was a small muffler with a long pipe of 60 mm and it often tore in the length in the beginning, the third exhaust, however, was not broken, the bend at the rear wheel suspension then changed.
    I also had a turbo pressure and an oil pressure gauge + oil temperature gauge from VDO on it.
    I also came into contact with KONI, they did not have an RS to measure, after consultation to Oudbeijerland at the Koni test department, measurements were taken on their test track and after some time the KONI FIRM dampers were ready (there was a lot of demand from Germany) I got the dampers at cost.
    Normally we bought a new Ford every 1,5 years, but we kept this for +/- 12 years, until the gearbox gave problems at 200.000 km further, never pieces, regularly put 50 oil in it, they also did that at Zanvoort in the RS turbo.
    After trade-in, the RS was sold to one of the mechanics who still has it now (for 18 years under the trees because he is now a garage owner himself and therefore has little time to make it up to date again, but things are progressing.
    Every now and then I drop by (not too much else Homesick).
    For him it is important that it has a real NL first delivery registration

  4. “The head was overhauled, it turned out to be torn and so flattened again” …… Hm… so you can smooth out a crack. Interesting….

  5. Doh was my 3rd car after a mrk 1 1300gt a mrk2 rs 2000 i ordered this rs turbo. My Ford dealer also my best friend, had sold me this but nowhere in the press was there anything about it. In the end I had to wait 9 months for it.
    However, it was worth it, I enjoyed it for years.

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