Ford Escort RS 2000 (1992) by Lammert. Worth more down the road.

Ford Escort RS 2000 (1992) by Lammert. Worth more down the road.
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An exceptional Ford! The Ford Escort was a hit, not only on the road, but also on sale. In addition to the standard Escorts, there were special versions, such as this glossy blue elegant Ford Escort RS 2000. The Ford RS 2000 was the most successful competition car. The purebred horse is powered by a pure power station with 16 valves and a 2 liter capacity with no less than 150 horsepower. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

No, just going to the dealer was not possible then. A special appointment had to be made to get the Ford Escort RS 2000 off the shelf. The beastly car with its 150 horsepower was ready. Of course you didn't have to be a cowboy to tame those 150 horses, but some experience was desired. With this sporty version, Ford wanted to play a role in the GTI class. For Lammert, this class is the cream of the crop, as he competed privately in races in Assen, Zandvoort with his other Ford Escort 2000RS Mk2† So speed and vehicle control was in his experience package. Many prizes and podium places were achieved on the circuits. Unfortunately, the virus misery has also taken the speed out of the racing fun. 

Standard equipment

Disc brakes all around. 110 kilowatts of power at 6000 rpm. Electronically controlled ABS. Recaro design sports seats. Electronically controlled injection system. Improved suspension, stiffer springs. Gas-filled shock absorbers. And of course a special interior with a sports steering wheel and easy-to-read instruments. 

How was the Ford RS 2000 modified? 

There were faster camshafts. A lighter clutch group. Another exhaust system. A modified intake system. A computer with a super chip. A suspension modified with powerflix. Result? The power went from 150 hp to 180 hp! 

What makes a car a classic? 

For Lammert, the car must have history and be something special. That certainly applies to this Ford Escort RS 2000. The real Ford connoisseur knows that this version is now rare, and if there is one lover of the sporty Ford models, it is him. With good copies you have to think of a substantial investment if the RS 2000 plate is on the back of the car. When the Ford poses for the camera, you can see that it is being pampered as a collector's item, right? We like to give him many thumbs up in traffic! 

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  1. Doesn't drive in the rain???
    I still have one that I drove a few years ago 15 years ago. Never, ever had any problems with driving (on the limit) in the rain. If you put decent tires on it, you can get away with it and the reactions are very predictable. And yes, in terms of driving pleasure, the Escort MK I & II are more fun, but that's comparing apples with oranges… Still, this was one of the nicest predecessors I've had….except for the Peugeot 1 GTI. That's why I still have the car to drive a few times a year, just for fun. But hey, everyone has their own opinion.

  2. Nice car, but too 'luxurious' to be a real racer. Were the Mk1&Mk2's real bombs, by being light and reinforced, no frills like air conditioning, Abs, power steering but the standard 2L pinto with double weber and 110 horses and…. Rear-wheel drive! Brought you faster…. This model with 150 horses in the rain, does not drive for a meter. I drove it myself for a while, and hmmmm. 180hp with only these adjustments? A bit optimistic I guess.

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