Ford F 100 Pickup (1966). The charm of the old.

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When you feel passionate about something, life is much more interesting. The connection with your car hobby is even more exciting. That certainly applies to Sietse, who has owned this beautiful Ford F 14 for 100 years. He comes from a family of dedicated classic car enthusiasts. For example, his brother Wessel drives a beautiful Renault 4 in delivery version, and the sons of both brothers drive a Golf type 1 and a Volkswagen Beetle. Clearly a family of nostalgia enthusiasts!

Impeccable condition?

The Ford F 100 Pickup has recently been restored and repainted in this beautiful color. Originally it was baby blue. At first there were rust problems that had to be solved. The Ford has been craving love and care for many years! Due to the busy business life, there was not always time for the car hobby. Sometimes plans take a different turn as a result. The off-road vehicle is not used in winter; Only in the summer is the dark garage exchanged for the sunny outside air. He is now the pride of the street again.

Member of the HAV

Both brothers are members of the Historical Automobile Association, which is concerned with preserving the mobile heritage. Simply a club of enthusiasts where they are happy to cooperate by participating in the summer rides that are organized. This way you show your passion to a larger audience who can enjoy the beauty and elegance of the classic automobile. With classics and vintage cars on the road, the street scene becomes more beautiful!

Autohobby: Who doesn't have it?

True feelings for loving a classic or vintage car are difficult to put into words. It's just an above-average interest in special cars from a bygone era. Maybe it's also going back to childhood. In any case, every enthusiast will have his own motives. Perhaps even a psychologist has an incomprehensible look in his eye when he is looking for an explanation. Explanation or not, this family clearly has a soft spot for missing cars. If an election were held for the nicest, most beautiful or most special car from the 60s/70s, the Ford F100, but also the Renault and Volkswagens, would have a good chance of winning a high ranking.


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Ford f 100 pickup (1966). the charm of the old.
Ford f 100 pickup (1966). the charm of the old.
Ford f 100 pickup (1966). the charm of the old.
Ford f 100 pickup (1966). the charm of the old.
Ford f 100 pickup (1966). the charm of the old.
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  1. Nice car. But unfortunately Fords are not GM's in quality. And the few that are left are brought from the USA (because much cheaper).

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