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Ford Granada 2.0 V6 L. Driving a sublime classic

© Bart Spijker
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In August 1977, Ford presented the new asset for the business market. More specifically, the public was introduced to the Ford Granada, which was given a new suit under the direction of Uwe Bahnsen. Under the skin, the changes compared to the first Granada generation were significantly less radical. The chassis remained almost the same, the British Essex V6 engines disappeared. Ford again supplied the Granada Mk2 in numerous delivery variants. In addition, the buyer could again choose from a variety of four and six-cylinder engines. We drove with the version that was never on the program in the Netherlands: the Granada with the 2.0 V6 engine.

Our Cologne-born Ford spent the lion's share of his nearly 43-year history in his home country. The first owner opted for execution level “L”. Its equipment is sufficient, certainly in retrospect. For example, you will find a large clock, an armrest in the back seat, carpet, an illuminated glove compartment and headrests. And all this within a beautifully finished interior. In Germany, the Granada (just like in other countries) was available with the 90 DIN-PK generating 2.0 V6 engine. The first owner chose this engine over the more powerful four-cylinder two-liter version. Years later Sicco Dijkstra this Granada to the Netherlands. When you see the Granada you know why he did that. In front of us stands a 100% immaculate Ford with 112.000 kilometers of life experience. He shows that he was cherished in his homeland. In Friesland it received a cosmetic upgrade, the condition is almost as new inside and out.

Exceeds expectations

Driving this Granada is a great pleasure, exceeding pleasant expectations beforehand. After the entrance in the Ford it is also a bit of a search. For the feeling, the seats should be able to move a bit further back, and the steering wheel is not adjustable. Yet it is not difficult to find the right sitting position, you retain freedom of movement in all cases. The poker seems to be far away, but in practice it is just within normal reach. The non-conforming The operating structure of the levers and buttons also takes a short time to get used to.

Send in on time, not a penny of pain

The ignition key moves forward two steps and the Köln V6 starts immediately, it does not miss a beat. The Ford feels massive and that feeling is enhanced by the powerless and indirect steering around the center position. When approaching a bend, it is important to initiate the steering maneuver in time. The Granada does change course obediently and then it turns out that indirect is something other than woolly.

Handier than expected

The Ford follows the line that you use, the steering certainly communicates well at quiet speeds. The steering character suits the Granada. It reinforces the comfortable and steady characteristics of the German, who can actually easily be placed in narrow streets. That is surprising, because the specifications say that the Granada has a lock to lock of four and a half revolutions. The turning circle of 11.5 meters also makes you fear for its maneuverability. But that turns out to be fine in practice. In all circumstances, the all-round view and the marking points at the end of the frequently applied sheet metal work excellently.

Balanced suppleness

The suspension and damping characteristics are also very clear. Not for a moment does it become soft, the flexibility has been weighed up. This also applies to the power delivery of the quiet V6, whose fine sounds are also dampened thanks to excellent sound insulation. The Granada lends itself to relaxed cruising, but when you press the accelerator further, the large Ford accelerates steadily, partly due to the maximum torque of 3000 Nm, which is already at 149 rpm, and that is a plus compared to the four-cylinder two liters ( 151 Nm at 4,000 rpm). Partly thanks to that V6 flexibility, you can reach speeds of 110-120 kilometers per hour. Even then, the Ford shows its fine course stability. This is good for the safety experience, and this is enhanced by the excellently adjustable braking system (discs at the front, drums at the rear).

Whisper quiet

The Ford is whisper quiet, which is why you switch by feeling in this Ford. Moreover, no rev counter was fitted on the L version in Cologne. It had certainly proven its usefulness in this car. Anyway: the four synchronized gears show a nice overlap, the gearbox to be operated swiftly is well spaced. The interaction with the easy to dose clutch is fine.

Decided quality experience

That qualification also applies to anything you tackle while driving. In addition, everything functions flawlessly, from control levers and buttons to the window cranks. You have continuous quality in your hands, literally and figuratively. Even if you are not driving, it will surface. The sheet metal makes a massive impression. And the doors close decisively and with a beautiful rustle. They are pure evidence of quality and even such that this Ford can rightfully knock at the door of the higher echelon.

Sublime opportunity

This Ford has everything to make every classic ride a pleasant experience. It can be used anywhere and is easy to take with you. In addition, in this version it is almost a niche today. Because apart from the Datsun Laurel, there was not a single contemporary within the combination in 1978 Granada segment en price range available with a six-cylinder two-liter engine. Add to this the palpable quality and outstanding comfort of the Ford. Then the conclusion is justified that this Granada 2.0 V6 L acts at a high level, and is a great opportunity for the enthusiast. He is sublime.

With thanks to Dijkstra Classic Cars & Youngtimers, Sexbierum

Note: The license plate used is for photographic purposes only

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  1. In the 90's I have a Granada 3.0 V6 i. Two Tone color: anthracite gray on top and the rest mouse gray. (Recaro interior in it). I don't know how much horsepower it had, but it was certainly pretty fast. What an incredibly good driving car that was. I would buy one again in a minute. That was really a beautiful car.

  2. Wonderful car from the seventies / early eighties. I drove a 2800 GL estate car, a 2800 GL injection and a (ex could house) 2800 Ghia. Driving several Granada's had to do with my Ford commitments, but also judged “objectively” they were very nice cars. Incidentally, I have never been able to reach a higher speed than 2800 with the 210 injection. The 2800 of German origin was a significantly finer engine than the English 3 liter V6.

  3. Wonderful car from the seventies / early eighties. I drove a 2800 GL station wagon, a 2800 GL injection and a (ex could house) 2800 Ghia. That several Granada's driving had to do with my Ford commitments but also “objective” war and the very nice cars. Incidentally, I have never been able to reach a higher speed than 2800 with the 210 injection. The 2800 of German origin was a significantly finer engine than the English 3 liter V6.

  4. I think I had the most sold type, the 2.3 GL. Of course silver gray metallic, black vinyl roof and a blue interior. I don't remember whether it consumed a lot, gasoline was then affordable. The car drove well, had no problems.

  5. In the meantime I was allowed to appraise 92 Granada's, mainly from the Staphorst / Rouveen and Dalfsen / Nieuwleusen regions. There are also Granada's from the vml. Royal Stables and celebrities like Freddy Heineken in between. Remarkably relaxed people, the Granada drivers with an enormous passion for the Ford brand.

  6. I have fond memories of the Ford Granada
    I was only 6 years old when my father came home with that beautiful car
    He had bought the special version a 3,0 liter in the special royal color blue (experts know what I mean)
    It was a monster at highway speeds of over 230 mph
    Only he also drank 1: 5/6 accordingly
    But I will never forget the luxury and comfort
    It was the most beautiful car together with the cx 25 pallas he has ever bought
    Unfortunately it has been sold again after 2 years of driving
    And as for Ford I personally think it's a great brand
    I drove around with a Ford Mondeo 9 myself for 1,6 years, never used oil and the same battery in all those years unfortunately got rid of the rust devil
    And as for this Granada a picture…. So keep cherishing the past.
    Because the future will only bring us electric cars 😭

    • am also completely crazy about Ford engines 1,7 V4 in a NSU RO80 and 2,3 V6 in VW T2 built and have never let us down!
      Looking to the future, it will not only remain with Electric, there is already a new version in Germany
      hydrogen car developed with greater range than electric and even faster refueling than with petrol! Is all for the business drivers with a substantial subsidy from the tax pot!

  7. I have ridden a Scorpio 2,9 GL for years.
    Besides the 'brown plague' that gnawed on the bodywork specific to the model, it was a super car. Oh yeah…. the bearing shells were worn out at 180.000 km for a completely unclear reason. Just replaced, and that's how I drove it for a long time. I tickled the thing a bit and it went from 8-0 in 100 seconds. A Cosworth version had to stomp to leave me meter by meter on the highway. It was not economical, but very comfortable, so it served us perfectly as a family car. The smooth torque of grease above 200Nm set in early. Riding in the mountains was 1 BIG party and devoured followers for breakfast. What a pulling power! In the end I sold it at 300.000 km. And oil consumption was still completely foreign to him. And the compression was high and exactly the same on all cylinders. With a little diligent care (as there were little things), it was our loyal vassal. I don't want to get emotional but I do feel homesick for him.

  8. Once swapped a '70 Chevrolet Townsman I couldn't insure with a '78 Ford Taunus 2.0 V6. Drove wonderfully but the consumption was… almost as high as the Townsman! Sold again quickly.

  9. With 4 friends a 2.0 4 cyl. station especially for the summer holidays ('96)
    At that time it was a 500 guilder car
    Fantastic bin!
    Drove around all of France.
    2 men slept in the car, the other 2 in the tent.
    Never knew that the 2.0 was also available in 6 cyl.
    Was due to the 4 cyl though

  10. It was a utility vehicle for the business market without special characteristics. Nothing special, a child of his time. Special attention does not seem necessary to me. Oblivion is better ...

  11. To be honest, a perfect example of a car that cannot be forgotten about its predecessor.
    The previous Granada model was so much nicer and better put together. This is more of a widened and somewhat enlarged Taunus, so is the driving experience. All in all, it does not give an "extra, super, special" feeling. It didn't make it to a Senator, that was a better and certainly nicer driving car.

  12. Have a very nasty aftertaste to this Ford yourself.
    Had a 1978 Ghia with a 2.8 V6, with 60.000 km taken over from the director of Evag, Ford Dealer in Vlaardingen at the time.
    When I bought it, they were said to be replacing the valve seals, it seemed a bit early to me.
    Bought the car, but after 4000 km a strange rumbling sound when idling, the normal V6 sound according to the workshop chief, to another dealer, tilting piston. Not 1 but 4, engine out, heads off, rotating part to the last mentioned dealer in Maasland. drilling, excess pistons in it. drive, perfect. After about 6000 km the same rumble. sold the car at a great loss and back to Peugeot 504 Ti. although I still love a Capri and Escort MK 1, I never felt the need and never will again to buy a Ford. Still, quite recently, drove a USA Ford Ltd from 1977, which was quite a relief after a Cadillac coupe deVille from 1975, because for the USA it applies: Ford rather than GM.

    • I think it is exactly the other way around: (much) rather GM than Ford. I have, except for 1 Ford, a 6 cyl. 1989 T-Bird, never had or driven a good Ford. That was / lies with the GM products, especially the American ones, really different / better.

  13. I have fond memories of my Capri 2.0 V6 (same engine as in the Granada)
    Yet the comfort of a six-cylinder, but a lot more economical consumption than its bigger brothers 2.3, 2.8 and 3.0
    Especially on the autobahn it is pleasant and relaxed to drive with this engine, despite its (only) 90 hp for a two-liter.

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