Ford Mustang: a 1986'er. Not a 1968 person

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With men like The Boxerwhisperer and the famous Flemish (ex?) Secret agent Walter W. has in the circle of friends Auto Motor Klassiek strong links with the Flemish, where in fact a classic culture prevails that is somewhat low profile for the more exuberant kind of Dutch.

Mustang: A typeface and a visit en route

And so we heard from yet another Flemish celebrity that he had seen a very nice car due to a typing error in an email. He had been advised that there should be a beautiful red 1968 Mustang Convertible at the Mustang Garage in Heusden -Zolder. And if you are still in the area? The red Ford Mustang Convertible was very beautiful indeed. It was only a 1986 man instead of a 1968 man. And that's a third-generation Ford Mustang. Fortunately one with a five liter V8, only it was too young for our knowledge. But he passed on the tip, including the correct year of construction, to us.

The Generation Gaps

If you are looking for a 1968 Ford Mustang, then such a Mustang on Ford's Fox platform from 1986 is a surprise to see. But it was and remained a real rear-wheel drive Mustang. And that rear-wheel drive was just as essential for Ford Mustang enthusiasts as a liquor store during the Corona lockdown. Ford had briefly played with the idea of ​​building Mustangs on a Mazda platform with front-wheel drive. But the marketers gave that idea a big 'No!'

Mustangs thus remained rear-wheel drive

And they were offered in different versions, including the Evil Cobras. In 1982, the Cobra model was dropped in favor of the Mustang GT, a type designation that returned after 13 years. The introduction was supported with the slogan: "The Boss is Back!" This new GT model featured a redesigned nearly 160 hp 302 CID (4,9 L) “5 liter” engine with new valves, a hotter camshaft, a larger twin carburettor and a better breathable intake and exhaust system. The GT got the front air dam with fog lights and rear spoiler from the 1979 Pace Car and the 1980 and 1981 Cobras.

However, the full-length 'powerbulge' of those models was not transplanted, but the GT was given a thick, matte black track across the hood. Only four colors were offered for the GT model and they were dark red, bright red, silver and black. The 5.0 engine was optional. That block was also the basis for the 'SSP' (Special Service Package) cars used by the police, which were ordered almost exclusively as two-door sedans. The 4.2 liter V8 was last available on all Mustang models and only with automatic transmission. Trim levels were also revised to L (base), GL and GLX on the GT model. The deluxe Ghia version was discontinued.

Mustang with a 2,3 liter Pinto block

At the bottom of the line, these Mustangs had 2,3 liter Ford Pinto four-cylinder as 'entry-level'. But they were also available with the V6 Ford blocks from Cologne. There were also 3,3 liter six in line blocks in the range. The turbo versions had a somewhat dubious reputation.

A Mustang from 1986

All in all, the 1986'er from Heusden-Zolder is of course not as iconic as an early Mustang. But this third-generation red Mustang (one of the 1119 Canyon Red models) actually has very nice lines. It can even be called elegant. The 'Truly Brutal American' really only splashes off because of the matte black stripe on the hood. The gothic black mascara around the lamps is also cool. And then of course there is the V8 for the manual five-speed gearbox. And so you come through a type multiplicity at a very nice Mustang.

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  1. 302 cid is almost 5 liters. Can someone explain why in America both content designations (so both metric and imperial) are used and in - please note - Great Britain since time immemorial the cylinder capacity is only indicated metrically. Think of Bentley 4 liter / Rover 3500 / Morris 1100.

  2. Indeed the 68 models are the "real" and my son has a convertible a beauty! . We have done a lot together and at such an age you will of course keep busy, but ……. He is beautiful and his son is very proud when he is passed on the way and people show their thumbs up.

    • Indeed, you better put your money into a 68 if you ever wanted to sell the car in your life, including the parts supply. The later models will probably never experience such hype as the 60s models. In films, the first series is always shown, not the later.

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