Ford Mustang Boss 302.not a classic, but nice and special

Ford Mustang Boss 302
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When you think of muscle cars, you soon think of the Ford Mustangs from the 60s. But it does not always have to be a classic that made an impression. For example, in 2012 Ford came up with a remake of the legendary Ford Mustang Boss 302. 

Of course Mustang went back to the design from the 60s that made it so famous. Think of the nose, the rear lights and the shape of the body. All with a modern twist, but also with a clear nod to the past. Of course you can argue about taste, but the fact is that the modern Mustang Boss 302 is certainly not a wallflower. 


In the late 60s, with the first Ford Mustang Boss, Ford already had the mission to be unbeatable on the drag strip and the track. At the time, the project was kept secret. When asked what he was doing, the engineer replied, "The Boss's Car". So it happened… an icon was born. 

More than 50 years later, it was done again thinly by Ford. But it got more than a few stickers, some extra power and racing seats. This Boss had to perform and be faster than the BMW M3 on the Laguna Seca circuit. Not only did it beat the M3, but the Audi R8 also had to believe it. 

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Ford proved that a Mustang could do more than just go fast over a drag strip. That Ford focused on the track was confirmed by the so-called red TracKey. This extra key creates a real Jekyll & Hyde personality. 

When you turn the key, a special program is started with more than 200 different engine management settings. The Trackey also activates a dual launch control system based on the Cobra Jet racing car. And to make the already pleasant noise a bit louder, a set of sidepipes are also activated. 

Those looking for a Ford Mustang Boss 302 will have to look carefully. Only 589 have been built, so you will not easily encounter one. However, we know how to stand one. Just have a look at


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  1. Ford Mustang, a bear of a car. Nice and fast and that beautiful V8 sound.
    I can listen to it for hours and hours, how nice, for some maybe even better than the most beautiful woman! My God, those Americans can build beautiful cars, formidable!

    • Dear Toon,
      totally 300% agree with you. Everything was allowed and allowed in the past. The designers did not have a computer, but fantasy. And due to the rapidly emerging economy in the Usa, we owe this gigantic history to beautys. Hopefully everyone is careful with it!
      grrz. JP

  2. Nice bowl. Although there are only a fair amount of the old Fords left, because so many were made. Because GM was much better in quality. A Mustang “68, for example, weighs only about 1300 kg. Rara… ..

    • In fact, find them very preferable to many of the cars being designed this side or the Asian side of the ocean! What I was trying to point out is that sooo much power (usually only on the rear wheels) in the hands of non-pros can be some sort of suicide weapon. Witness the many fail movies where they play a not so nice leading role😢. To be ready for the shredder.
      Do think that they are better at home in us than in the eu and in nl you can be happy if you can get them in / out of the parking garage without leaving your bumper paint on the wall.
      For in here in nl I would prefer a 2cv (possibly with a bmw r1100 conversion😜 Seems to be delivered in uk) but with 602cc I am also fine. In any case, something that is easy to tinker with.

  3. In various fail films on juptjup you can admire the cunning road behavior of such over-tested muscle cars. Think they are hard to beat on the 400 yards, until a turn is built in💩 Thats where the sh…. begins. And do they need a professional hand

    • Rjab if you look up a movie of Laguna Seca you will see that this circuit is anything but 400 m straight ahead. There is a corner in that that some racers get sick of because of the height difference and the turn. And if this Mustang can beat a BMW M3 and Audi R8 there, it must have a little more handling than in a drag racer.

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