Ford Taunus Coupé L (1975) Rescue operation by Keimpe Hoekstra

Ford Taunus L Coupe
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Keimpe Hoekstra from De Valom in Friesland proves with the discovery of this classic Ford Taunus Coupé L that copies can still be found that can be saved. In the classic world it is often not 'what' you know, but 'who' you know. He also received a tip that a Ford had been waiting under a roof for a better future for almost 20 years. 

By: Dirk de Jong

You can actually speak of a stranded project. The restoration of the Ford Taunus Coupé L has been pushed forward with the well-known consequence of postponement. Another argument was that due to his advanced age, the owner could no longer instill the courage to start 'resuscitation' of the Ford. 

For Keimpe it was - even in this condition - a pleasure to see the car like this. He has been looking for a real classic before, and this original Ford Taunus Coupé L certainly is. The offer was accepted and the sports car was on its way to a second life.   

The 72 hour rule

Despite the fact that Keimpe is still very young at the age of 20, he already knew that you will not do anything you intend to do and for which you do not take or carry out the first step within 72 hours. So… get started right away, sort out all the parts (because the disassembly had already partially started 20 years ago). A new battery, new fluids. 

After a few hours at its new destination, the Ford Taunus Coupé L came to life. The body turned out to be in a surprisingly good condition. The interior was even like new. He even found the purchase invoice from 1975 in the glove compartment. That was a real 'moment of enjoyment' for him…


Ford called the Coupé a breakthrough in the car field at the time. A real sporty car with a normal space in the back for the passengers. There were different 'flavors'. The L, XL, GXL and GT versions. One is the L van Keimpe and it is now back on the road like new. Wonderful that there are still young people who want to invest time and energy in a new future of a 45 year old classic. 

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