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The Ford Taunus from Janneke

The Ford Taunus 12 m from 1965 by Janneke van Buren is a victim of van Sinterklaas. Well, that is short through the bend. But Janneke is always very busy and, moreover, is part of the organization that ensures that Saint Nicholas safely arrives in Dieren in Gelderland.

Arranging such a multi-day Sinterklaas festival is a bump job. And one of the most underrated activities is taking care of the financing of our national children's party.

And then we go back to Janneke's Ford

Ford Taunus was the designation for a mid-class car from the Ford-Werke AG in Cologne. The name Taunus comes from the German mountains with that name, as was the case with another model, the Ford Eifel (1935 and 1939).

Until 1967, Taunus was used as the brand name for all German Ford Europe car models. At the time, there were German Ford models Taunus 12M, 15M and 17M and a delivery van called "FK 1000" (Ford Köln) and later "Ford Taunus Transit".

The policy was changed with the introduction of the Ford Taunus type P7 in 1967. The brand name became Ford en Taunus became the model name. Pre-existing models were renamed Ford 12M, Ford 15M, Ford 17M, Ford 20M, Ford 26M and Ford Transit. The letter M stands for “Meisterstück” Let that be clear.

Always that lack of time

For all her other activities Janneke does PR and fundraising for the Sinterklaas Committee Animals, . She approached me as a placeholder to write some text to ask the citizenry for donations because the municipality has more important things in mind than our national children's party.

The fact that the bookkeeper of the Sint arrived in a stylish Volvo was already a good omen. But Janneke also appears to be the proud owner of a 'slit-eyed' Ford, a Taunus 12M. She had long dreamed of such a car. When one was offered for sale, she quickly made an appointment. Next to the Ford she had come for was another one. Women can decide at lightning speed: “I want this not, I want can! "

In the meantime, the Ford Taunus has been stored for a while. "I just work too much and don't have enough time for it." That's usually the run-up to say, "He's for sale." In this case it is not like that. But it is of course a shame that a classic enthusiast who A) is not a man and B) is miles away from the average age of classic enthusiasts. All the more because she really wants to do the work on her car (possibly with some help) herself.

Send therefore your encouragements and statements of support to Janneke, by address Because why should only Sint get support? After all, we are all children in our hearts ...

And donations to Saint Nicholas are of course also welcome 🙂

Usually it is the princess who needs to be kissed awake. Now it is the prince who is sleeping


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