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Rock Around the Jukebox renewed!

Rock Around The Jukebox has been updated! The word 'Experience' is not just added to the name of the event that takes place on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October at Autotron Rosmalen. There are additional components and new initiatives that make the experience factor and the Lifestyle part of this event even greater ...

As usual, visitors to Rock Around The Jukebox at Autotron Rosmalen go back to the years' 50, '60 and' 70. For lovers of the petticoats and fat-crested period, this is the chance to relive these legendary times.


The jukebox is inextricably linked to this period. This atmosphere maker therefore always plays the leading role during this event. But in addition there is much more to experience. Hundreds of stands with all kinds of matching gadgets from these special years such as clothing, furniture and pinball machines. And to make this day swing there are live performances by The Hot Dogs, Mess Around, Mark Elbers (Elvis music), The Surphonics and Tin Soldiers. DJ Miss Twist is behind the turntable. Furthermore, a large number of vintage cars can be admired.


New is that there is now live music in two halls: one with old-fashioned rock 'n roll music and a hip hall with music from the Sixties: complete with Go-Go dancer! Furthermore, there is a large fashion show twice a day with a journey through the time of fashion from the period 1940 - 1970.


In addition, the event will be given a theme this year: 'Space-Age Design'. In the years '50 and' 60, rockets and space travel had a major influence on the design of all kinds of consumer products. Who does not remember the Sputnik lamps and the American sledges with large wings? But there were also jukeboxes with Space-Age design! It can all be viewed on 'Rock around the Jukebox Experience'!

Thousands of singles and LPs

For fans of music on vinyl, the 'Rock around the Jukebox Experience' is of course 'the place to be'. Thousands of old singles and LPs are on sale at the many stalls.

More information

'Rock Around The Jukebox' can be visited on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October from 10.00 to 17.00 hours. The entrance fee is € 15,00. Children up to 12 years have free access. For more information, go to

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