Stichting Rotterdamse Klassiekers stunned by reports about the Rotterdam environmental zone

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The Rotterdam Classics Foundation has responded in angered manner to the reports from the municipality of Rotterdam about the Rotterdam environmental zone. It states that air quality has improved by 20% since the introduction of the Rotterdam environmental zone in the port city. "A fleet scan was carried out, not an actual measurement." The municipality of Rotterdam relies on a TNO investigation. The Rotterdam Classics Foundation disputes the message and refutes the content of the press release. She also announces new promotions. "The alderman simply tells untruths based on a completely wrong measuring method."

On November 1, the Rotterdam Classics Foundation sent a letter to the municipality of Rotterdam, asking them to come up with measurement results in the area of ​​the operation of the Rotterdam environmental zone. The Foundation focuses on actual measurement results and not on a fleet scan. It is evident that fewer older cars drive in Rotterdam when fines are imposed. “And so that is the steering information of those involved, who are before Rotterdam's environmental zone. But the calculation method says nothing about an increase or decrease in air quality. "

Accuracy calculations Stichting Rotterdamse Klassiekers confirmed earlier

The Rotterdam Classics Foundation explains more. TNO (Arjan Eijk) has indicated in a personal conversation with the Foundation and the municipality of Rotterdam that the calculation of the Rotterdam Classics Foundation may be correct. These are figures related to the reduction of NO2 and PM10. The calculation is here. to find. These figures have also been endorsed by the General Objections Committee (ABC) that dealt with this case. The D66 Rotterdam has ignored the statements of the ABC. The Rotterdam Classics Foundation has been approved by the committee.

News coverage around the Rotterdam environmental zone is stirring up dust again. Image: Niels van Ham / Stichting Rotterdamse Klassiekers
The bewildering reporting around the Rotterdam environmental zone is stirring up dust again. Image: Niels van Ham / Stichting Rotterdamse Klassiekers

"Calculations by the municipality of Rotterdam have wrong basis"

In an interview with Auto Motor Klassiek (AMK 11-2016) Niels van Ham, chairman of the Foundation, said that "he has no problems with measures that serve the air quality, but that these should be taken on real grounds." the municipality of Rotterdam is now being refuted. “We see via that 2016 compared to 2015 is a much worse year with regard to the emissions of both PM10 and NO2. This has various causes. At present we believe that alderman Langenberg of D66 Rotterdam again informs the college and the citizens incorrectly and incompletely. He has not had DCMR and TNO measured. He let them count cars. "

City council must substantiate figures

In addition, the Rotterdam Classics Foundation finds it very bad that a party like D66 embraces the results that were concluded on the wrong grounds. The Foundation will call on all other parties in the Rotterdam council and in the municipal executive to clarify these figures and have them substantiated on the basis of actual air quality measurements. “If the alderman is unable to do this, we will demand rectification from the alderman. If this is also not done, we expect a motion of no confidence ”, reports the Rotterdam Classics Foundation.

Announced and unannounced actions

Finally, she indicates that the manner of acting by alderman Pex Langenberg gives cause for new actions. “Since the alderman (a representative of the people) does not respond to questions from citizens but does spread untruths in the press, we will again take action. The first planned promotion is 12 in March 2017. This date was chosen because most young and old-timers do not drive during the winter months. We are considering further actions. Announced and unannounced. ”The game in Rotterdam is on the wagon. Rightly so. Because it must be over and over with the false arguments that serve as an excuse to spend millions in community money in a brash way. Millions that have led to a deterioration in air quality.


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