Fourth edition of InterClassics Brussels attracts 23.449 visitors

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Last weekend 23.449 buyers and enthusiasts visited the fourth edition of InterClassics Brussels at Brussels Expo. The main theme was the 60 anniversary of the World Expo and was celebrated through a special exhibition in which a unique collection of vehicles from the street scene of the year 1958 were presented, and various original memorabilia, in collaboration with the Belgian Federation for Old Vehicles. In addition to the main theme, attention was paid to Porsche's 70th birthday and an exceptional collection of the Porsche 356 was on display.

The BFOV was prominent with a BFOV Village where various workshops could be followed for both visitors and exhibitors. In the Art Area, various artists, galleries and art dealers showed a diverse selection of their most beautiful works, all of which are of course 'classic car' related. New this year was the AutoScout24 Area where various classics were offered by private individuals. Naturally, a wide stage was also offered for everything related to these classic cars, from parts to automobilia. In total, more than 1.000 classics were offered for sale by such 400 exhibitors at the fair.

Street scene from 1958

The theme 60 year World Expo gave a very special overview of the traffic image of the time. The Peugeot 203, a Vedette, a Vespa 400, a Rolls Royce Cloud I, an Alpine A106, a Renault 4CV, multiple Volkswagens (Beetle, Karmann Ghia, T1) and a Jaguar Mark VIII were just a selection of the street scene shown in Brussels from then on, which also showed two-wheelers such as the Puch 175 SV and the NSUs Prima and Quickly.

Again at an international trade fair: 70 year Porsche

The 70e birthday of Porsche was also highlighted this year - not for the first time at an international trade fair. The organization brought unique Porsches 356 to Brussels. Among others the Gmünd Coupé (the first of fifteen copies exported to Sweden, delivered to Scania Vabis), the 356 SL “Le Mans”, an 356 A Bent Window Convertible (a beautiful and completely original car, built in 1952 by Reutter), and an 356 B Roadster Bodywork d'Ieteren livened up the 4e edition of Interclassics in the Belgian capital. Furthermore, the Porsche 550 "Spyder" 1500 RS from the State of Art Collection was a striking presence. With a beautiful history, because this car participated in the Mille Miglia in 1957, the GP Spa Francorchamps in 1957 and the Holland Hillclimb in 1959. In 2011, Prince Bernhard Jr. was driving the car during the Mille Miglia Storico.

"Step in quality and presentation"

Erik Panis, Manager InterClassics: “We are proud of the praise we received from the trade press and the many classic car enthusiasts about the fourth edition of InterClassics Brussels. For the fourth year in a row, we have again taken a step in terms of quality and presentation of the fair and as a result have quickly secured a place on the classic car fair calendar in Europe. ”

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