Franeker Oldtimer and Schepenfestival: an excellently organized event

Franeker Oldtimer and Schepenfestival
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In the most current version of Auto Motor Klassiek the event was already announced. And last Friday we again alerted you to the third Franeker Oldtimer and Schepenfestival. We didn't do that for nothing. We were present in one of the most beautiful Frisian eleven cities. And again received confirmation that the Northern Netherlands is a breeding ground for talent and experience in the field of event organization.

Those involved in the organization of the Franeker event deserve a huge compliment. Because they were able to make optimum use of the atmospheric contours of the historic city center and the core values ​​of the water-rich Franeker. In addition, those responsible had a variety of activities within one slightly more than two-day program integrated. That started on Friday 14 July with a flyboard show and a demonstration of the Franeker canoe association 'Onder de Wadden' on the Turfkade near the new bridge, which was opened by alderman Joop Bekkema of Franekeradeel.

Very versatile

These festivities were the prelude to a very versatile festival. Because everything was possible. Ride along with an old bus, sail with historic ships, participate in a route with vintage cars from before and after the Second World War, sell trunk, street theater, living statues, demonstrations with old steam engines and other activities that appealed to the past: it was impossible on.

Variety without excess

The whole was accompanied by various choirs and bands, and visitors could really go anywhere. Special was the fact that the trail was made wheelchair-friendly. And what also stood out: the multitude of activities did not lead to excess, but was kept conveniently arranged in a pleasant way. Business was very good for each other in the Frisian city.

Pre war

Our focus was mainly on the vintage cars. They were brought together by private individuals and various clubs. The pre-war cars led the public back to completely different times. Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, a single Vauxhall and the Rolls Royce 2025 from 1930 demanded attention in a respectable way. In addition, the pre-war cars - with a year of construction up to and including 1918 - drove through the beautiful Frisian regions on Saturday and Sunday. They, and the other cars from before the war, could count on a lot of interest at their location.

Post-war delicacies

For those who love post-war heritage, it was a real treat. The Cadillac De Ville from Folkert Alta, the Jaguar S-Type from Jelle Keizer, a beautiful Glasses Beetle, the enchanting Borgward Isabella in Cabrio trim, the beautiful Volvo's P1800 and Amazon: they were only a very small selection of the excellent post-war collection that Franeker twice. In the morning they left the city for a little old-timer ride. And with great interest, dozens of vintage cars returned to their spot on the water, which surrounds the center of Franeker. The whole melted together into a beautiful picture!

Event deserves to be copied

This event is worth following. Because the secret is simple. The program ensured spread and variety. Various components were tailored to the fans of those specific program characteristics and that ensured a good distribution. In other words: people could go for a few hours. But also those who opted for a weekend in Franeker were served immediately. Furthermore, everything showed that those responsible had prepared matters in a very thorough way. And put together a great event where everything revolved around the combination of heritage, owners and the public. That seems obvious, but it cannot be taken for granted.

Unfiltered love for craft and heritage

This is how a large multi-day outdoor event should be organized. Because the visitors were given an unfiltered form of sober love for craft and heritage. They will also agree, without exception, that the Franeker organizers of this festival have made something very beautiful. And that event, made possible in part by an 85 number of sponsors and a number of friends from the festival, was also free of charge for those same visitors. And we sometimes see that differently. Very different indeed.

In addition to the images below, you can also find on our Facebook page a photo impression.


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