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For several years in a row we have been able to raffle 5 sets of two entrance tickets among the classic enthusiasts for InterClassics. This is no different for the 2019 edition. And you don't have to do much for it. It costs nothing and the chance is a lot bigger than winning the Staatsloterij.

Win free entry tickets

How does it work? Very simply, we will raffle the entrance tickets among the sharers and likers of the Facebook message below. At the end of this week we pick out the winners and approach them for the free tickets and what they have to do for that.

Furthermore, it is of course also nice if you leave a message at the bottom of the comments field. Maybe with whom you want to go, or with whom you want to go.

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The annual party in Maastricht takes place on the weekend from 10 to 13 January. Of course you can look for your dream car, the renowned dealers from the Netherlands and surrounding countries will bring back their most beautiful classics. But sometimes it's just a dream ... luckily, with the collection of classics on display here, you can really add power to those dreams. Also the state of Auto Motor Klassiek is not missing with the usual offer with which you can extend your subscription through an attractive discount, or with the same discount can take out a subscription if you are not yet a subscriber. 

The central theme, during this 26e episode of InterClassics in Maastricht, is the Lancia brand. The 'La Grandezza della Lancia' theme exhibition shows the highlights from the brand's more than 100-year history. This all happens in collaboration with the Lancia Club Netherlands and Belgium and various museums.

New for InterClassics was the election for the annual report, which adorns the posters and advertisements for this edition. Via social media a vote could be cast for one of the two images; a rare D23 racing car from 1953 and a Delta HF Integrale 8V from the nineties. In the end, a narrow majority opted for the D23, which you see on the advertisements. The only remaining original copy of this illustrious Lancia racing type and the Delta HF Integrale 8V can be seen as two of the approximately 25 masterpieces on the theme square. The Lancia D23 is made available by the Louwman Museum. 

InterClassics Maastricht takes place from Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 January in MECC Maastricht. The more than eight hundred classics are displayed on 35.000 m2 exhibition space. More information and tickets via InterClassics Maastricht on Don't miss this party! •


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  1. Well, I saw the action to take 4 numbers and then win a ticket for Interclassics in Maastricht.
    However, I already have AMK and Autoweek, GTO and Autovisie.

    When I look around my heart always beats a lot faster. The love that goes into these cars with character is amazing.
    The new cars nowadays are roughly uniform. And hopefully they are fully committed to Hydrogen.
    I also think the Peugeot e-LEGEND CONCEPT is a Top model, beautiful, nothing to change, just to produce like that. And then on Hydrogen? that would be the best.

    So lets hope 🙂

    • That promotion was not with us. This promotion is only done via Facebook and all you have to do is share and like the message there. But the promotion is now over, the prize winners have their tickets. Better next year.

  2. In May I bought a DAF 55 coupe. A car with a lot of work. I can do that work in the garage of the seller, I am very happy with that. If I win the tickets, I want to go to Maastricht with this man!

  3. 2 air-cooled Porsche freaks from Belgium really want to go to the fair in Maastricht! We are currently being punished in Belgium with our machines (amendment to the old-timers law, Low Emission Zones, ...) and will be happy to get out of this country for a while 😉
    Happy new year to all people who still believe in the usefulness of saving car culture!
    Bart and Michel

  4. Nowadays even publishers of the printed product believe they think everyone is active on social media such as facebook ...
    Fortunately I can report here that many of my old-timer friends, just like me, are not or hardly active on it. At most a What's app every now and then.
    It is a pity that you are then naturally excluded from the chance to win an old-fashioned entrance ticket for a traditional classic car event….

  5. It seems nice to go with my son for two reasons: 1. He recently told me that he has never been to Maastricht and 2. What could be better than a father-son day to share the passion for cars?

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