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So not everything on the Internet is free. But exceptions confirm the rule. Because this provider displays an extremely sunny and perspective view.

That is why we would like to share this advertisement that we received:

Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glide, € 5990, -

For lovers of character (read oil leaks, vibrate, rattle, refuse service), this piece of Harley-Davidson technology is a great device!

This originally Harley FLH built around 1966 (literally on the license plate !!) is no longer original. There is an 1340 Shovel mounted in it by a previous owner who has owned the 40 engine for years! (demonstrable) This has also let go of the drum brake and mounted a beautiful lump of aluminum that must pass for a brake.

This moped runs just fine, partly due to the CV carburetor, pulls like a bear (to the left) and has 4 gears.

With the sheet steel, technology and weight of an American Sherman tank between your legs, the sound of a few thick cylinders ... many people still get itchy ...

If you see this high point in history completely, then you will receive the boxes with Harley parts, windshields, extra saddle, original carburetor and workshop manuals.

Don't complain about the price because then you just don't have HD.

Year of construction as written: around '66, kilometers ... ehhhhh ... no idea

The engine is in Oudelande, near Witteveen engines


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