From consolation prize to main prize: The Honda CB350 F

Honda CB350
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The small Honda CB Four would initially be released as a Honda CB250 and Honda CB350 cc version. In the end, only the Honda CB350 Four was born.

The Honda CB350 's were the smallest Honda four - cylinder model from the' OHC 'series. They were made from 1972-1974 and they were delicious machines. RECOVERY machines. But no matter how good and fun they were and how eagerly they turned, they were born at the time when everyone cheered "A heavy one is your true one!"

The CB350 sales were disappointing

That meant that the sales were not overwhelming and that the interest in a used CB350F was not to write home about either. And that trend continued. Because when serious money was already paid for a classic CB750 Four, the smallest four-cylinder continued to lead a shadow existence.

Seriously put on the market

Nevertheless, the Honda CB350 Four was firmly put on the market when it was introduced: "A lightweight four-cylinder for tough demands", that was Honda Nederland's motto in the brochure in 1972. And it was delivered in three colors with daydreaming names such as Candy Baccus Olive (green), Flake Matador Red (red) and Glory Blue Black (gray). But the opinions about the Honda CB350 F were somewhat divided from the outset, although all enthusiasts agreed on one thing: Honda had put another technical masterpiece on its wheels. Because technically the Honda was completely good. It was really a motorcycle of 'getting on and off'. Everything worked smoothly and easily and that was not self-evident for motorcyclists at the beginning of the 70.

Despite all the positive sides, the CB350F did not really want to be a success song. In particular, the lack of power was experienced as a downside in the limitless 1970s, where the gas was always fully open. Compared to its larger brothers, the CB350 with 34 hp and a dry weight of 170 kg was of course not a traffic light printer. The four characteristic chrome-plated outlets thereby determined the face of this four-cylinder. To compensate for the missed power, many owners removed the four separate outlets to replace the stuff with an as open as possible 4-in-one system. Because if you weren't fast, at least you had to sound fast. And original exhausts are now very sought after. As a reasonable alternative, London offered - and still offers - attractive two-in-one systems. The original dampers can also be delivered again. But they cost a lot of money.

But for good dancing on roads, the Honda CB350 was a hit. Certainly if the rear spring elements were replaced.

Meanwhile, best wanted

In the meantime, Honda CB350s that could not be given away a few years ago are in high demand. You can count on it that a nice copy currently - calculated back to guilders - costs more than new at the time. And that is probably also the reason that every now and then Honda CB350 Fours are pulled out of dusty sheds.


Type: Four cylinder, overhead camshaft, four stroke and air cooled

Cylinders: In line, mounted transversely in the frame

Bore stroke: 47 x 50,0 mm

Content: 347 cc

Compression ratio: 9,3: 1

Cylinder compression: 11,7 bar

Power: 32 HP (23,8 Kw) at 9500 Rpm

Gears: 5

Clutch: multiple wet plate clutch


Carter capacity: 3,5 liters


Fuel tank capacity: 12 liters

Reserve tank capacity: 2 liters

Weight: 170 kilos

Only suitable for secondary roads. But endearing


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  1. My first motorbike .. youth sentiment.
    At the time converted into a cafe racer using a Guilliari saddle for the 350F and a 'butterfly handlebar'.
    Thing still has to drive around somewhere in the region ..
    160 km / h flat on the tank, you had to give it 10 less time for it ..

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