From The Eighties: The Subaru XT Turbo 4WD

Subaru XT Turbo
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In the spring of 1985, Subaru gave the world the Subaru Alcycone XT Turbo 4WD.
The name alone already aroused wonder. The Subaru was the driving proof that also very original cars from Japan could be omen. And that they came from Subaru? Well, Subaru had always been the most stubborn boy in the class. The Subaru XT Turbo 4WD was a fast, clean 2 + 2 with a nice wide, but not too deep trunk.

The name

The brand is named after the Japanese name for the Seven Gesternte, which can be found in stylized form in the logo. Subaru has been producing automobiles for more than 60 years. The brand is part of the global Subaru Corporation, a group that not only deals with the production of cars, but also with aircraft and public transportation, such as trains. But the

The design

The design was quite shocking in its day. And that was because the design was very progressive. The calculation models of the computer and the results from the wind tunnel were the most important 'designers' of this controversial sports fan with a CW value of 0,29.

The upper part of the bodywork resembled the cockpit of a fighter plane the most. And inside the cabin it was just as futuristic. The dashboard seemed a clear cross between the then Citroën dashboards and the command center of a Millennium Falcon from Star Wars or something. Oh yes: Of course the steering wheel was asymmetrical. There was nothing else to say about the interior that it was beautiful and chic.

The service

In terms of operation and options, the Subaru had as many options as the most modern cars. Only by actually reading through the user manual could the driver prevent him from encountering things that surprised him days later.

The 4WD

The Subaru XT Turbo 4WD was there with a five-speed or automatic transmission. And of course with the 4WD that is so characteristic of Subaru that it was not meant to make the car off-road, but that merely had to ensure better handling. With just pleasant driving, only the front-wheel drive worked. If it became serious because of a more brave driving style or bad weather conditions, the driver could rely on the self-engaging 4WD system or he could put the rear wheels to work manually.

To come back to the 'terrain qualities' of the Subaru: The car height was adjustable at the push of a button. This did not make him a tough competitor for Toyota's Landcruiser. But the idea was fine. But on the highways, the sleek Subaru automatically went to its lowest driving position. Subaru's signature 1800 cc, four-cylinder boxer engine was under the tight regime of a 'microprocessor' - an ECU.

A fast car!

If the full 137 hp were unleashed, then the Subaru continued to just over the 200 km / h. And if you really kicked the car on its tail, it consumed every 7 kilometer of 1 liters of gasoline.

And if you are looking for such a car in good condition and know where to find it? Then you have a nice classic Japanese sports car for an amount between € 8.000-10.000

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  1. One of the coolest brands from the land of the rising sun in my opinion….

    My Impreza's nameplate said 'Fuji Heavy Industries', could it be that that is Subaru's parent company?

    At that time I regularly spotted such an XT in the wild, but nowadays they have become quite scarce unfortunately….

    The SVX is quite an experience in itself and has actually been underestimated ...

    SubaRules I have been saying for years….?

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