Fuel-free engine from Johannes Wardenier. No fuel, or almost no fuel

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Over time, different versions of the (nearly) fuel-free engine have been invented. The creators of this beauty disappeared from view or were apparently very effectively silenced. By who? Ha! Of course by 'stakeholders'.

The Netherlands' greatest mystery of the past 150 years took place in Friesland. It started with the announcement of a 'fuel-free engine' by Johannes Wardenier.

It is early November 1934. As with 'thunder in a clear sky' there is Johannes Wardenier. The place of action is Wolvega, a village in Friesland.

Who was Johannes Wardenier, the protagonist of this story?

Johannes Wardenier born September 20, 1912 in Steenwijkerwold. What was special was that Johannes Wardenier, only 22 years old, was received at the Town Hall in Wolvega after the then mayor and alderman were convinced of the unique invention that Johannes had made. An invention that Johannes had worked on for 6 years in an old barn at his parental home in Steenwijkerwold. Wardenier was a genius engineer, and completely self-taught.

He had invented and made an engine that consumed absolutely no fuel. The 'motive power' and lubricating oil for a car with a six-cylinder engine would cost less than 25 guilders per year.

The press was called by the mayor of Wolvega and suddenly this 'fuel-free engine' became a trending topic in the newspapers and on the radio. Foreign newspapers and magazines also sent reporters to Wolvega to hear what had been invented there and what the possible global consequences could be.

Offside off

A week after the introduction, Wardenier was taken hostage, arrested and taken prisoner to a 'madhouse' in Groningen ... When he returned home after 8 or 9 days in that institution, his parents told that his invention of the fuel-free engine had been taken away by 'high Gentlemen'.

That story became the fodder for much speculation (up to the present day), with conspiracy theories rising to great heights. Because who was or were behind it? High Lords of the State, Central Intelligence Service and - or Batavian Petroleum Company, Shell and - or Philips?

Of course there was also the possibility that reality and fantasy were close together. A huge rumor had started. After all, a factory with 13.000 jobs had been 'promised'. Angry tongues and cynical writers later claimed that Johannes stole cars, was gay, was a member of the NSB, SS and NSKK, and was involved in war crimes. Those stories all turned out to be untrue.

That he was only a 'fantasist', some argued, was unlikely. Because until the XNUMXs he showed some other technical highlights.

It seemed so beautiful

In any case, the invention of the fuel-free engine was world news in 1934. It seemed the solution to the high unemployment rate in the region at the time. But the story ended in a drama with mythical shapes. The bike disappeared, along with the drawings and other evidence. The bike was seen running, also in Bolsward. Where the current investigator of the mystery, Willibrordus van der Weide, comes from. And no one spoke a word about it.

The Steenwijker journalist Henk Ymker published an updated version of his book 'The Mystery Wardenier, fantastic genius or a genius fantasist?' He wrote that book about Wardenier in the 2019s. And the new stories that that book released, led Henk Ymker to the publication of a new book with new facts in XNUMX.

Meanwhile, the list of investigations is impressive: The Wonder Wolvega - The Mystery Wardenier - The Cause Wardenier - The Matter Wardenier - The Drama Wardenier - The Riddle of Wolvega.

There was even a musical about Wardenier in 2019, but there are still plenty of questions

In the meantime, the last people who know the story firsthand are very old. In consultation with earlier investigators of this mystery, Willibrordus van der Weide (yes, also a Frisian) set himself the task of finding as much information as possible in the hope that there will be people whose silence was bought or forced to talk.

Should you be familiar with Johannes Wardenier's fuel-free engine? Then you can contribute to the solution of this mystery. You can then contact Willibrordus van der Weide, Tel. +31 26.3791488, +31 6.23360058, All data is published on the site set up for this

Ask your family about it. maybe you are the one who solves this mystery.

A mystery, a musical ... A happy ending?



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  1. Vague story.
    There was apparently a lot of commotion at the time.
    Many, including authorities, went into great action without knowing how the engine works and having seen it in action..?
    Do we even know how it works?
    Strange all.

  2. It should also not be forgotten that 25 guilders back then had the value of 575 guilders now, so it seems cheap, but not for the "common" man at that time.

  3. Indeed there was also the ”Source code”, one, I thought for a moment, Postman had developed a device that could play a number of images (TV and video) at the same time and could forward, rewind and stop and / or pause separately. .
    Phillips and a few others got to know it and because the man himself did not dare to fly, the device was given along with, among others, top people from Phillips, stating that interested people were allowed to view the thing but not open it. In any case, the man was found dead, his always messy room was tidy, the papers and notes disappeared. Less than a year later, the major brands are coming out with the DVD recorder. Where the first CD players may cost the main prize, this was immediately put on the market by various brands in one go. The story has been on TV with I thought Zembla and is on YOUTUBE.

  4. Also resembles the mysterious story described in the book 'The Source Code'
    That has to do with computers, but is also such a strange story and the 'protagonist' named Mr. Jan Sloot comes to an end in a strange way… .🤔😱

  5. Interesting article, nice to find out more about it. But why 150 years? The whole thing is not even 100 years ago, right?

  6. there has also been hydrogen development in the 90s. Look on the internet under the name Stanley Meyer.
    Furthermore, there is now a development in the hydrogen production of the Tiluk company from Leeuwarden. See They build a cell with a proven COP value of at least 6. ie 6 times as much energy as in… You can therefore also produce enough hydrogen while driving to drive !! see

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