Pick up cars in Dubai

Dubai, car left behind
ER Classics Desktop 2022

In Dubai it is not only gold that shines. The huge skyscrapers are drawn to it by guest workers who are actually no more than slaves. An excessive part of staff turnover is due to industrial accidents. You can only twist it on a jetty. Tumbling down thirty floors is also one of the options.

Add to that the course of foreigners brought in for a lot of money that would help to bring the sandbox to astronomical heights.

Dubai, car left behind

Partly for administrative reasons, they leave behind what they bought on the spot when they 'go'. Often there are also the cars that they bought and used locally that are left behind.

They are dusty.

For people who want to travel immediately to score their classic of the future: the on-site export administration is just one of the reasons that the big earners who returned home left their transport.

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