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Gloria Julia!

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“The Supertje is ready for you.” Frans de Groot's app was more than a birthday present. It is a sign of complete confidence, and a prelude to a wonderful weekend driving with an old friend: the well-maintained Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super, which will be delivered during the summer of 2019. Auto Motor Klassiek gloryed. And precisely because I already knew the Alfa, the anticipation had no limits. Because the Giulia had already proven itself as an extraordinarily fine classic sports sedan, which could not possibly wipe the smile from the face. And this car, this Alfa I can now use for two days.

I fill the days with swinging, touring and visiting beautiful places. I let others enjoy it. On Saturday I pass on the magic of the Giulia to my eldest two children, show the Alfa at grandpa and grandma, drive a nice round with my wife Hester in North Friesland and tour with Alfa fanatic and neighbor Wilco also a nice piece, where we grab a terrace in Eernewoude in between. Talking about the Giulia among the boat people, making a difference and enjoying life.

The next day photographer Bart Spijker and I drive the beautiful RRR rally from Bakkeveen to Sexbierum, a fantastic event where many enthusiasts celebrate their regained freedom while touring. You will read much more about it soon. Bart also takes the wheel, he drives an Alfa Romeo for the first time and quickly gets the hang of it. As if the Giulia is his. The fun is great. Whatever you do and wherever you are, driving the most beautiful sports sedan in history is a joy. Not only for the occupants, but also for passers-by, for the spectators. A Giulia answers the question of why people love cars. And why driving is a wonderful affair. What a character. Che presenta.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super, beautifully prepared by Frans de Groot and Durk Tinga, confirms the anticipation for an entire weekend. She shows once again how clever it was that Alfa Romeo in the year 1971 was able to build such a beating car in such an appealing jacket. By then Giulia had already been in the world for nine years, because she was already shown to the world in 1962. You just keep looking at the Alfa, which reveals accurate details every time. Beautifully continuous profiles, a passenger compartment that sits on top of the rest of the body and at the same time is beautifully integrated. Angled door handles, you name it. Every cut-out, every profile has been thought through, the aerodynamic design from 1962 is of uncontrollable beauty.

Frans' Alfa Romeo is also adorned with the necessary milestones, which adorn the car in sticker form. The Giulia came all over Europe, she turned her hand for nothing, and no Alp was too high. I notice for two days in which way the Super presents itself everywhere. The handling is formidable. The spring movements are pleasantly smooth, the firm damping never becomes hard thanks to a small soft touch, but remains sporty in an extremely precise way. You continuously notice that something beautiful is going on to convey the dynamic driving pleasure. The 1300 engine with 89 DIN hp allows the Alfa to accelerate adequately, everywhere. You drive unnoticed and stably at speeds above 120 kilometers per hour, and with that wonderful hum of the Nordmotor in the background, it communicates very fine and solid regardless of speed. 1971I'll say it again.

On long stretches, during short bends, on dike roads, in long twisties: the Giulia feels at home everywhere, and gives a fine example of sportiness that never gets complicated. The steering feel, which comes to you through a large classic steering wheel, is strong. When motorcyclists suddenly swing out of a dike bend, a steering correction and a quick braking action are sufficient for a quick response from the Alfa. Everything works immediately, adequately and safely, and with the next acceleration picks up the Giulia again wonderfully, aided by the accurate and counter-pressure switching gearbox, which can be operated with the long poker that shines invitingly inside.

The combination between the engine, the transmission and the chassis ensures that this Super reacts smoothly in every circumstance. In every way, the Alfa is friendly to the feet. She forges a close bond with the asphalt and she likes to work with you. And then something trivial: with a weekend consumption of 1 liter of premium petrol with lead substitute on 12 kilometers driven, it is also friendly to the user. At one in six I would have filled the tank with just as much love, this pleasure is worth every Euro.

Everything about the Giulia is captivating, right down to the classic scent that permeates the clothes and every fiber of the occupants. This car embraces you every time, no matter how often you drive it. It's impossible to get enough of it. Every ride with the Giulia is a form of masochism, because you know it will end someday. But that soft pain is supplanted by the overwhelming feeling of reminiscing for days. By the feeling that she was yours for two days and 500 kilometers. By realizing that she puts you on a pedestal. And embarrass you a little. Gloria Julia!

Many thanks to Frans de Groot and Sicco Dijkstra


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  1. The car you kept looking at as a child, on holiday in Italy, with your mouth open, and the sonorous humming hollow exhaust sound penetrated deep into you. The Giulietta was its predecessor, and that's where the Alfa Love started. The mountain horns (ti, tara ti!!!) that the cars still had then sounded over mountains and valleys around Lake Maggiore: where they belonged….
    (Are the rims completely original on this 1300?? Have my doubts, there are nicer simpler ones?.

  2. In principle, I don't care about which car or motorcycle (including tractors or trucks) an enthusiastic story is written. If the person who drives it (whether it is the owner or someone who gets it on loan for a while) can make something beautiful out of it in terms of text, that you understand why it is so nice. Personally, Italians are not my first choice at all, not even the 2nd, 3rd or 4th. But if we all like or like the same thing and just brush the rest aside as irrelevant to automotive history, often with clinchers, it just gets pretty boring on the road. Every classic car deserves to be cherished, from Alfa to Zastava and from mass-produced Honda Cubs to unique Bugatti Royales. There are always fans to be found.

  3. My first car ever
    Then I worked in a body shop, completely renewed the well-known spots myself, of course with help.
    Beautiful light grey/blue with red trim.
    1600 cc indeed high consumption.

    1978 traded in (too bad)

  4. I myself am a Peugeot, Saab and Lancia fan, but the Guilia has such beautiful lines.
    That stocky front through the notches in the fenders radiates power.
    The bulges at the rear combined with an angular roof and wheel openings, especially at the rear fenders.
    Seems like a mess but still forms a car that exudes unyielding power.
    One of the highlights of car design as far as I'm concerned.

  5. Driven with great pleasure, the 1600 version. However, it achieved an average consumption of 1:9. Don't think it's that bad at all. After about 50.000 km exchanged for a junior with the same engine. Was also a picture and lovely driving car.

  6. Good story. And very recognizable, the shape, the spirit, the romance and the history make such cars beautiful. Even more beautiful than they are (popularly called infatuation). Bella Italia and viva la France, it usually is.

  7. 1 out of 6 huh! I remember that, and it could well be that right foot. The car
    in the article looks slick, and just wonderful that it is being driven.
    Happy Birthday Sineke,


  8. How nice that you were allowed to use this beautiful car!!!

    I always go crazy when the fuel light starts to flash again really so fast, so a 1600 is much less economical or my foot is too heavy because 1 in 6 is no exception.

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