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It promises to be an eventful broadcast on November 6. Charles Groenhuijsen and Victoria Koblenko are the guests in the fun car program RTL Autovisie. I especially look forward to the presence of the always talked-about and surprising Koblenko. I also wonder if she can handle her table companions Rob Kamphues, Werner Budding and journalist Groenhuijsen.

When Koblenko, born in Ukraine, appears somewhere you feel calm water changing in a wave. And not only that: Victoria always has a good story to tell. The refined Koblenko is also able to surprise the recipient. In the RTL Autovisie broadcast of 6 November it is clear again why. High-heeled and spicy dressed, actress / model / celebrity Koblenko leaves a homeless Jaguar F-Type. "I have a Coupé myself," she adds naughtyly. Immediately Victoria Koblenko takes a first step in directing the broadcast. And she then overwhelms the viewer by reporting that "the beauty of a C-Type" is unparalleled. A C-Type? Yes. A C-Type. In other words: the "Competizione" derivative of the Jaguar XK from the fifties. "53 pieces are made of it," she reports. And to the delight of car guru Werner Budding. This is already a nice broadcast. With that special guest that no one gets hold of.

Victoria Koblenko played a surprising leading role in the RTL Autovisie program. Photo: Roel Wijnants. Image is unprocessed. Upload: Upload bot
Victoria Koblenko played a surprising leading role in the RTL Autovisie program. Photo: Roel Wijnants(Click on link for photo URL) Image is unprocessed. Upload: Upload bot / Wikimedia Commons

For a moment, she wavers a little when she marks an Alpine A110 as a Peugeot. But she is very strong. Rob Kamphues asks the lovable Koblenko about her best car memory. "The time that I crawled on my grandfather's lap as a child, behind the wheel of the Volga 21." Victoria will be 35 this year. This memory originates in the eighties. That era is being used by Koblenko to showcase her fine-meshed management capacities. From the "moment of remembrance" she is definitely the boss at the table.

Director. There is no other way. Because during the broadcast, the mystique of scarce Soviet car ownership is brought to the living room in the 1980s. And a GAZ 21 Volga in those years was not at all useful in the country that was on the eve of major changes. Victoria's memory goes beyond a cool description of the Russian luxury sedan. Without saying it, she makes a subtle statement. Grandfather's car ownership was not so obvious in the then Soviet Union. Much less obvious in any case than the Kadett or Taunus possession of the random Dutch grandfather in that era. The fact provides Koblenko's memory with extra sheu.

Victoria gives the viewer an unexplored episode from Eastern European classic history. She suddenly makes the relative unfamiliarity of the GAZ 21 Volga loved. I feel the emotional charge in the broadcast in which she is not one, but three males. With ease. In that oh so fascinating, sharp and sophisticated way that fits her so well. Without using acting art, she provides the broadcast with extra color and history in all areas. Thank you! Gloria Victoria!

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