A great destination for the Easter weekend: Classic Drachten

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We already informed you about it before. During the Easter weekend (26 to 28 March), the Frisian Congress Center in Drachten is all about our beloved classics. "Classic Drachten" is getting closer. It promises to be a versatile event, where the visitor in general and the classic enthusiast will lack nothing.

A rarity. This Malanca Testarossa from 1970 is shown to the public in Drachten. Image: Classic Drachten
A rarity. This Malanca Testarossa from 1970 is shown to the public in Drachten. Image: Classic Drachten

The total floor space of 9.000 m2 will be filled with everything in the field of classics. In the Frisian Congress Center, an exhibition area of ​​9.000 m2 will be filled with a diverse collection of classic cars, motorcycles, mopeds and tractors that are at least 25 years old. Those in charge have worked hard to compile an impressive list of participants. We can inform you in advance that all of this has been successful.

Diverse offer
The exhibitors bring a diverse range to Drachten. Of course there will be concepts from the commercial classic world in Drachten. To name a few: Hofman from Leek and Carrosso from Oldemarkt will once again bring some beautiful classics from their supply to Drachten. The lover of American exotics can go to Cars, Cola and Coins from Sint Jacobiparochie. The Stichting Rijdend Motor Museum (Stichting Rijdend Motor Museum) takes unique WT races and sport motorbikes to the heart of the Frisian Forests. But also in the field of tractors, automobilia, classic clothing, beautiful museums, restoration, insurance, advice, miniatures, moped clubs, classic motorbikes and many other things, the loving visitor can fully indulge. Various clubs - such as the Topolino club and the Alpine Renault Club - also liven up the Drachten festival. Among other things a merry-go-round, a pin striping demonstration and various stalls complete the party. Classic Drachten is a must for the Easter days, that much is clear.

Mr. Hoogenberg takes this beautiful Singer Le Mans to Drachten. Image: Classic Drachten
Mr. Hoogenberg takes this beautiful Singer Le Mans to Drachten. Image: Classic Drachten

Private contribution
The presence of a number of private participants is striking. For example, Mr. Hoogenberg is taking a beautiful Singer Le Mans to the Frisian Congress Center. And what do you think about Mr Van der Laan's contribution. He makes his Malanca Testarossa available for "Classical Drachten" for exhibition purposes.

Opening by Mayor
This Saturday it will certainly be there. Mayor T. van Bekkum of Smallingerland will open the festival at 10. “Klassieker Drachten” is open on all days from 10.00 hours up to and including 17.00 hours.

Auto Motor Klassiek is also present
And if you decide to honor this celebration with your visit, don't forget to visit our stand at the Frisian Congress Center. Auto Motor Klassiek is present at “Klassieker Drachten” for three days.

You can find more information about the event here .

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