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The head and the butt. Those are the things that impress you. Or not. And if you actually look at an ass without attention? How interesting can that be? In any case more interesting, or wiser than if the reverse is the case. I still remember the gloomy remark: “I fell in love with that beautiful ass. But I should never have bought that car. ”During a visit to the workshops behind the Potomac Classics showroom, we saw a rather uninspiring ass. Was the rest of the car just as boring?

Ass correct

Honesty dictates that the man from just said something else. But he was no less sad about it: "I fell in love with the ass, but I should never have married the whole woman." But such a comment today, no matter how reflective, is too sexist. Incorrect. So that is not written.

So Goliath

Goliath was a German car brand under the wings of Borgward, which existed from 1928, switched to the name Hansa in 1958 and disappeared into 1961. The company had its roots in the construction of truck and bus chassis. But the 'glory years' were the years shortly after the 1929 crisis. Then Goliath made motorized transport for the masses. Well: the masses were not that big yet. And the Goliath tricycles did not offer much more than motorized transport.

Real cars

No matter how small and insignificant those three-wheeled persons and "trucks" were: they were economically important. After the Second World War, when the Wirtschaftswunder carefully emerged, Goliath also made 'real' cars, including the GP 700. That was not that small anymore and had an 688 cc two-cylinder two-stroke engine that supplied 25, later, 29 hp. With the Great Goliaths, the two-stroke power source was right in the front and powered the front wheels from that position.

The car was supplied as a two-door sedan and as a convertible and was modernized several times, including by using (in 1952) a Bosch injection system. With that, the Goliath was provided with injection five years before the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL received something so ingenious.

The performance of the standard carburetted version, however, remained below average, because the Goliath was quite a large car, which was not really over-motorized with the 29 hp. Only the later Goliath (886 cc) GP900 E had more to crumble in that area. That block delivered 38% more power.

Mille Miglia

To bring cars to the attention of the public, there were presentations, leaflets and ... the competitive combat sport. And how much higher can you raise the bar than by participating in the Mille Miglia? The dusty classic that was partially hidden under a storage rack turned out to be an extremely rare Goliath GP700 Mille Miglia specimen. In the first paint. A super rare find.

The Goliath is therefore waiting for better times. He will soon be reborn, with respect for his past and patina. But for the moment he is still dormant under the dust. Because there are more unique finds that require TLC or are waiting for restoration. It is not the Goliath's turn yet. But he is there.


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