Good intentions ... And regret afterwards

Good intentions
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Did Hans have an urge to apply? Absolutely. When he was young, dyslexics were simply called 'stupid children'. So he in the back seat of the class. Hansje learned everything the hard way.

He also had to be employed and learned to ride a motorcycle. On such an 500 cc Moto Guzzi 'Nato'. Later he would often tell how that was the best time of his life.

He explained how he had driven a motor tanker, such a huge low-loader, with the engine and all. Because of a bet. He waved goodbye. Took over the taxi company from his uncle. Expanded the matter. Met a girl. Married. Started trading in real estate. Divorced. Ever greater business. Even learned to read reasonably. Remarried.

Margit could lovingly control Hans. Hans became a father twice. He won a few million when he understood how stock trading worked. Became a father once more while his new villa had just been delivered. The increasingly scarce times that we saw each other have always been comforting words to me: "Ah, you are a poor man, but you are happy."

Hans always worked on. Came close to the Quote 500. Got recognition, and quite a few enemies. Also with the tax authorities. No problem. “Do you think such a tax bumper is happy? He sometimes wants a buttock. Or a neat car. Or on vacation. Well; we agreed on a vacation and a neat car. Everyone has their price. Only you are too cheap to buy. That makes you priceless. ”

I wasn't entirely sure if I should have been offended or flattered. If he had made another world deal, his final conclusion would always be: “They certainly thought they were dealing with a dick of lampepit. I do not think so.".

And eighty-hour work weeks? That was normal for Hans. In the meantime, his entire field of activity was Europe. Hans lived to work. He worked to prove himself. In fact, he was always afraid that someone would find out that he was the dumbest boy in the class.

When a salesperson at a reputable car dealership treated him condescendingly, he bought out the president of that company and fired the salesperson. 

When he was fifty, the family had a surprise for him. There was a Moto Guzzi V50 Nato in the hall. The Nato was, just like in his service, in neat Marechaussee uniform. Hans burst into tears, but was still sitting in the hall at night. Looking at his Guzzie. He was home early the next day. That evening he put the first two hundred kilometers on his Natootje

The following weekend he surprised his wife. He had rented a chalet in Zeeland.
Hans had taken a day off for it. For the first time in 25 year. They would go there Friday. The two of you. Totally inside. On the little Guzzi.

Saturday morning Hans and his wife stood hand in hand on the Zeeland coast. Hans looked his wife in the eye. Said, "We should have done that damn earlier". He sighed. And fell down dead.

Regret afterwards about the things that you have not done does not help. You can adorn regret about the things that you have done.

The idea is: Try to make something of your life. Try to be satisfied with what you do have. So let's just make the best of 2019. Because happiness is often in the small things.

We wish you all an excellent 2019 and hope you have better good intentions!

Good intentions


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  1. 🙂 So let's make something. Whether we manage to change the world in 2019? Didn't think so. But there are many people of good will. And you would just forget that with all media coverage.

  2. Nice story and does not stand on its own. A metaphor that is absorbed in many forms. Well written I think ;-).
    Every day is a new chance and take that chance because otherwise you will be like Hans and then there will be no new day the next chance!

  3. Nice Christmas story, or if you like a nice recital. It sounds familiar to me. Living until you drop sounds nice, but enjoying the beauty that life can offer you might be better….
    All the best for 2019 and the following years!

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