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Suspensions for several years possible

From 3 January 2019 it is possible to suspend a vehicle for a period of 2 or 3 year. You no longer need to extend the suspension every year. Something that "You" too often forgets for the pleasure of the collecting agencies. Because if the suspension has not been extended, then your possession will be seen as an uninsured motor vehicle active in the traffic or whatever the correct official description may be. And that is apparently not a violation, but a crime.

Handy for restorations and such

Suspending it for a longer period is especially convenient if you are not using a vehicle for a long time, such as when you are restoring the vehicle. By choosing a longer suspension period you save time and effort of keeping an eye on the calendar. Plus the fact that you will be surprised because the government will NOT forget when the suspension date is over. The annual suspension costs remain the same whether you suspend for 1 year or for 2 or 3 years. 

Extend suspension

It could be even better: You can always extend a suspension. This is possible from a maximum of 6 weeks before the end date. The new end date is then the end date of the old suspension plus 1, 2 or 3 year. But if you need that time for a job, then you are either very brave or you have forgotten the project. That really happens! Even pensionado's are often bizarre busy these days.

Online or at the counter

Posting, extending or canceling a suspension can be done quickly and easily via the RDW website. If you cannot arrange it online, you can go to a license plate counter or an RDW inspection station or counter.

Vehicle obligations

If you suspend a vehicle, then you are no longer liable for the vehicle obligations. The road tax stops automatically. You must cancel the insurance yourself. The vehicle may no longer stand or drive on public roads. But it should not just stand on the public road or the garden. De Belasting drives photographing and scanning through residential areas.

It has even been reported that an overworked staff member came out of the comfortable shelter of their service car to lift the front of a car cover to check the car under her skirt for registration. There have been lawsuits over suspended cars near their own road, but on 'own' land. And they won by the government. You can cancel a suspension at any time free of charge. That again.



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  1. What impudence! Curious about which article of the law the tax authorities get. This cannot be true, there must have been more ...

  2. I've even had overeager officials walk into my yard to check where my suspended car was, and write 'en passant' the license plates of my bikes…!
    I cursed and cursed them very quickly from my garden.

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