Goodwood Revival

Pre war paddocks with Ferrari and Maserati red
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Dutchmen not on venues Goodwood Revival

Text and photos: Robbert Moree

The participants and visitors are recovering from the Goodwood Revival that took place last weekend on the historic racing circuit of Goodwood Estate. The estate belongs to the Earl of March, which since the 90 years has re-established the circuit to hold various historical events. The Festival of Speed ​​and the Revival Meeting are two of the most famous.

More and more visitors

The Revival meeting in September every year is a thoroughly British party that until 2002 a Dutch visitor assured me, was an almost British party. Since then more and more nationalities are coming and the event is getting bigger. A Brit sighed 'it must stop now, more visitors really can't'. I myself have been going since 2007 and I do indeed notice the hustle and bustle. People are now approaching the 150.000. The hustle and bustle also means that there can be serious traffic jams on the way to the parking places on the meadows around Goodwood. Every year I enjoy the happy faces when they finally reach Goodwood.

The Hugenholtz Van Oranje Ferrari pursues colleague Ferrari on the Goodwood track
The Hugenholtz Van Oranje Ferrari pursues colleague Ferrari on the Goodwood track

Highlights every year

This year, special attention was given to Jack Brabham's F1 victory in 1966 with an honorary parade of cars in which he had driven. At the 60e anniversary of the Austin A30 / A35 attention was paid to opening the St Mary's Trophy to these models only and Lamborghini was addressed in a copy of the classic London Earl's Court exhibition.

Magical step back in time

Of course there was again a Tesco and there are the '50 police officers in historic police vehicles. This year, special attention is paid to the football world championships and the England - Germany match. What would Goodwood be without the famous Glamcab girls and this year of course also the walking stewardesses and some beach girls in old-fashioned bikinis.

But especially the races.

The races are of course the basis of the party. And Dutch people regularly take part in this. This year, DHG Racing drove two cars. The well-known AC Cobra with Van der Garde and Hart behind the wheel brought it to an 4e spot in the RAC TT celebration. That was the highest place this year for Dutch people. In addition to DHG Racing, Hans Hugenholtz and Bernhard van Oranje rode in a Ferrari in the Kinrara trophy, where Le Blanc and Van Lanschot also rode. Hart also rode in the Sussex trophy.


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