Grinnall Scorpion 3 (1997) by Bart. An impressive tricycle. 

Grinnall Scorpion 3 1997 1

Bart is a man with a real car driver's heart, as a car enthusiast he gets together every week with his friends, chatting with each other while enjoying coffee about the car / motorcycle hobby. It is a lively social network where everyone shares the same passion. He can still be captivated by his shiny object, the Grinnall Scorpion, which he got himself from England at the time and has now reached the age of 24. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

He will never tire of it and likes to make small, but also longer trips in the summer where he notices that the tricycle is still an attraction, because you don't see them much on the road. There seem to be five more in the Netherlands. 


Is it a motorcycle? Is it a car? It is striking that this tricycle has two wheels at the front and one at the back. Its light weight makes it a very fast vehicle. The RDW calls it a motor vehicle where no helmet is required, but the APK above 400 kg is. For safety, seat belts are a necessity and also an obligation. Does the name Scorpion mean it's poisonous? Perhaps a bit because the power source comes from a BMW K1100 RS. It produces about 130 hp and reaches a top above 200.

English creation

Bart: “The Grinnall is of English origin. It is called a reverse trike there because of the two wheels at the front and one at the back compared to a wheel at the front and two at the back as with other tricycles. Due to this construction, the cornering is better, but of course I remain careful, especially in rainy weather, aquaplaning is lurking. My English Grinnall hobby with its German heart is firmly on the road in dry weather, and thanks to the two wheels at the front, it steers very lightly and directly. If you know anything about the BMW power unit, you have to admit that speed is inclusive. As far as I'm concerned, he can easily compete for the beauty trophy, because it is now an exclusive category in the tricycle world." 


We think it is important that people like Bart take care of special vehicles and keep them, so that it remains beautiful on the road.  That is also why the Grinnall Scorpion 3 is a good subject for this 'Coincidental Encounter'. 


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  1. Isn't this beautiful device also supplied with steering wheel on the left side?? Might have sold better on this side of the North Sea at the time.
    Is there a picture of the drivetrain?

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