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KTR truckNews from the KTR trade show

Militaria Fair Keep Them Rolling grows to more than 4.000 m2

Gorinchem Events Hall 12 October 2014 from 09.00 to 15.00 hours

The fair is now also interesting for the women in our hobby

In recent weeks, there has been a storm with registrations from traders and trunk sellers for the Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling. Every few days space had to be rented in order to give all sellers a nice place. The counter is currently on almost 100 exhibitors, which offer a wide variety of goods.
A must for every enthusiast with an army vehicle.

The organization is proud of the new location. The Gorinchem Events Hall is a professional exhibition space for trade fairs, with ample parking for visitors.
No cold drafts, but a hall with carpeted floors. So no more cold feet.
There is a large wardrobe where you can hang your coat, because you don't need it inside.
There are also neat women's and men's toilets. There is even a special toilet for disabled people. And this time not a simple chip shop, but a catering corner with a cozy terrace and a wide choice to strengthen the inner man.

KTR MILITARIANew at the fair
Apart from the merchants, a few museums have been invited, which focus on the Second World War. Not the large, well-known museums, but museums that in their region make an important contribution to the memory of the struggle and the liberation of the Netherlands.
This way you can get more information about the collections of Air Recovery Group from Lievelde, the Crash '40-' 45 Museum from Aalsmeerderbrug, the War Museum Beekbergen and the Memory War and Peace Museum from Nijverdal.

The final push 2015 is undoubtedly the position of the liberation tour The Final Push XNUMX.
The organizers are happy to show you how the liberation tour from 27 march 2015 from Groesbeek through Germany, Overijssel and Drenthe to end on 12 April 2015 in Groningen. A wonderful event with various unique highlights that the true enthusiast should not miss.

WWII MODEThe ladies have also been thought of
In recent years, there has been increasing demand from society to complete 'the picture of liberation', now that fewer and fewer veterans can be present. Moreover, we see more and more women and children taking part in commemorative events and liberation parade. There is therefore a growing demand for beautiful repro-army clothing, but also for civilian clothing from the '40-' 45 for women and children.

We have found Marianne Staman (Marianne's Vintage Shop) willing to set up a beautiful clothing show especially for you with ladies in vintage civilian clothes, accompanied by men in military clothes.
And if there is something to your liking, you can immediately make an effort at the fair.
The clothing show is held at 10.30 hours and at 13.00 hours. Do not miss it.

And if your wife is bored at the Militaria Fair, she can also sniff between 450 stalls at the Flea Market, which is simultaneously held next to the Militaria Fair (entrance € 4, =).
And for the children there is as always a bouncy castle.

The organization would like to welcome you on October 12 in Gorinchem.

Event hall, Franklinweg 2, Gorinchem, along the A15, exit 28 Gorinchem-Oost
more info
Of course you are very welcome at the extensive stand of
Staman International Trading
Army Trucks & Parts

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