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And five figure figure for a perfect Honda CB750F? For a 50+ year old machine? Is that a lot, very expensive or crazy. Well, such a Honda cost 1969 guilders new in 6.500. That wasn't nothing either. The gross average annual income in 1970 was something of what is now 5.500 euros. Jan Modaal received 424,38 euros per month.

The choice was huge

For people who wanted to buy a used CB750 F in the eighties, there was a serious choice between 500-1.000 euros. And that was not expensive. This year, the buyer of a brand new Honda GL1800 Goldwing will pay well into the 40.000 euros for such a mastodon. And count on you taking it seriously. You now have an old 1000 or 1100 cc four-cylinder Goldwing for an amount of about 3.000 euros.

Lots of money doesn't have to be expensive

But left or right, if you want to have the dream motorcycle from your youth (back), it costs quite a bit of money these days. At least: If your own year of construction is around 1955. If your motorcycle memories are around the eighties, the situation is very different. Because engines built between 1985 and 1995 are now at their lowest point in value. And that's great news for people who have always wanted a Yamaha XJ900. And 900 cc, over 90 hp and the shaft drive make an XJ in good condition still a fantastic motorcycle.

You have to be quick

What's sad is that the younger motorcyclists apparently mainly see these machines as a basis for conversion to cafe racers and the like. On the other hand: a lot of bicycles were sawn in the past that would now have almost museum value. But for the more recent classic enthusiast, such a Yamaha is a pure, usable classic that you actually never have to write off. And while the parts supply for Honda's, Kawasaki's, Suzuki's and Yamaha's started to get pretty tight until the XNUMXs, the stuff for the more recent classics can still be used often and can be found affordable.

We think it will be difficult for engines after 1995

These machines were equipped with more electronics every year. Its availability is already a bottleneck left and right. And few people are capable of 'tinkering' with electronics. But hey, things can go wrong everywhere. And we motorcyclists only do an average of 2000 km on an annual basis. Apparently we've been doing that for a while. That would in any case explain the Benelli Sei that was recently purchased by an acquaintance with only 12.000 original kilometers driven. To round out the story: that fat Italian cost his new owner serious money. But his 500 cc brother went away for 1.800 euros.

All that calculation is actually superfluous. There used to be new engines that you couldn't afford. Now there are classics you can't afford. But to proclaim that classics have become unaffordable? Just look at what new engines cost now. And they just aren't fun anymore.

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  1. Economy and hobby, the combination is usually too complex: € 429.00 in 1970 has the purchasing power of € 1994.43 (fl. 4395.15) for 2020. In other words, net: € 1329.62 (fl. 2930.10) .. so it wasn't that bad. In the same statement from which you obtained the data, you have a net monthly income of € 2017 for 1.903. And yes, that saves almost 600 Euros, that seems like a lot. However, that money quickly evaporated. Remember that society (and income and expenses) has become much more complex in those 50 years. Incidentally, that Honda of Hfl. 6.500,– would now cost approximately € 14210,– converted.

  2. I see it this way : if you want to buy something like this you pay the top price , but if you have refurbished something like this and you want to sell it for a next project the asking price is ALWAYS too high , except for the kicked cafe engines that are sold to someone for a world price who can't make such a thing himself, his hands grow out between his buttocks, we say, think more and more about entering that trade as well if I've drunk too much spirits.

  3. It has stood still for more than 15 years, + a whole car FULL of parts.
    Had to drive from Limburg to Hamburg (and also back with a handsome overweight!).
    Costs: less than €5000
    There is still something to be found, even on the internet!

    - Vintage cars Auto Motor Klassiek -

  4. “But his 500 cc brother went away for 1.800 euros” What - or was this still completely cool with original exhausts and fenders? I have largely repressed the memory of this Benellonda, but I can feel the hangover from the depressing sales coming on again….
    If I had the space to store, I would immediately buy another XJ900 for the journeys through Europe. Because I haven't reached the 2K per year point yet. But real giveaways will no longer be so easy to find; not so long ago they were simply dumped into the canal.

    - Vintage cars Auto Motor Klassiek -

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